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Modern Warfare’s Latest Bundle Is Actually Sickening

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
  • Activision is famous for doing some pretty shady things over the years.
  • Their latest act is to get players to fork out for in-game KDR information that is normally freely available.
  • This is a brand-new low for a game company already dredging the bottom of the moral sewer.

Games companies have done a lot of shady stuff over the years. None have done more shady stuff than Activision has though . Possibly it comes with being one of the oldest video game companies out there. Either that or they’ve lost all their soul and truly are driven solely by profits.

No matter what the case, Activision has been screwing over their player base for years. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is just the latest vehicle to do that. The upcoming bundle for the game really takes things a step too far by charging for a feature that has been free in FPS games since it was created.

Modern Warfare’s Lack of In-Game KDR

KDR stands for Kill/Death Ratio and is a pretty decent indicator of how good a player is. It basically compares the number of kills someone has to the number of deaths they’ve suffered. Obviously, the higher the kills and the lower the deaths the better. In general, keeping up a 1:1 ratio is the general goal of most standard deathmatch players.

Pretty much every first-person shooter game in recent memory has allowed you to see your number of deaths during a deathmatch. It’s quite important to keep that sort of information available, as your team needs to maintain a positive death-to-kills ratio overall to win – or at least a better ratio than your opponents.

The only real reason to remove this information in Modern Warfare would have been to stop low-level players from feeling bad . At least, that’s what it seemed like at first. That is until this new bundle was announced which made the real reason clear: to make as much money from their players as possible.

Modern Warfare - Gameplay
Even if the bundle includes other items, it doesn’t justify locking a much-needed feature behind a paywall. | Source: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 

The Feature Should Never Have Been Cut, Nevermind Locked Behind Monetization

This is probably a whole new level for Activision. It’s by far not the worst thing they’ve ever done, but it is probably the pettiest. A new low of stingy, money-grubbing has finally been reached by the gaming industry’s oldest hats at it. They’re finally at the point of charging for necessary features.

If this sort of thing keeps going, what will we see next? $20 trigger DLC? How about paying to be able to use iron sights? Not so long ago, I would have decried that sort of talk as satire or sensationalism. These days it seems more and more like it might just happen in our lifetime.

On a realistic note, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Or rather the massive amount of Modern Warfare players who will pay for the bundle anyway. There’s no way that Activision will ever stop doing this sort of thing while it still makes them bundles of money.