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Microsoft Isn’t Done Spoiling Us With Next-Gen Xbox News

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • This week has seen major announcements from Microsoft: the Series S, the price of both consoles, and a release date.
  • According to the gaming giant, it isn’t quite done for the week with more news still on the way.
  • Unannounced games, yet more Game Pass news, and gameplay footage are all possibilities.

Microsoft says it’s not done spoiling us with next-gen Xbox news for the week quite yet.

After revealing the Series S, pricing, a release date, and a glut of peripheral announcements like Game Pass expanding to include EA Play this week, you’d expect Microsoft to pull back on the throttle somewhat to let it all sink in.

It’s a lot to take in for players and cumulatively tallies to more news we’ve had in the past six months squeezed into two short days. It goes without saying that it stands in stark contrast to Sony’s on-going radio silence.

According to the gaming giant itself, it has no such plans.

In a tweet tacked onto a recap of everything announced so far this week  authored in the early hours of today, Microsoft teasingly noted that ‘it’s only Wednesday.’ The inference is clear; there’s still more to come.

After a particular busy week, Microsoft says it’s only Wednesday, suggesting more news is on the way. | Source: Twitter 

The Verge’s well-informed senionr editor, Tom Warren, also chimed in on Twitter  to echo that more news is on the way:

“told ya this week gon be gud. And it’s only Wednesday. More to come…”

More is on the way according to The Verge’s senior editor. | Source: Twitter 

The Shape of Xbox News To Come

It’s hard to see what else Microsoft still has in store with what we know so far. All the major announcements are presumably out of the way, which could conceivably mean Microsoft may turn its attention to the games, throwing out a few surprise reveals for unannounced titles and updates to prop up the Xbox Series S/X launch slate.

We can’t discount major upcoming third-party titles heading to Game Pass or another publisher throwing its entire library on the subscription service. The Ubisoft Forward showcase is later today, and after the EA Play announcement, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Ubisoft could follow suit.

Nor can we rule out a fleshed-out look at games running on the Xbox Series S/X – we’ve seen snippets here and there, but no sustained raw footage genuinely showcasing what the consoles can do.

A price reveal for the Seagate Xbox Series X Expansion Card, which recently surfaced with a dizzying, and hard to swallow, $220 price tag, wouldn’t go amiss.

Whatever is in store, expect Xbox to dominate the news cycle for at least the next couple of days.