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Meghan Markle Is a Victim of Her Own Selfish Behavior – Not a Royal Plot

Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:57 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 12:57 PM
  • Another week, another book promising untold truths about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
  • The Queen and Duchess Kate Middleton have been accused of plotting to control Meghan Markle.
  • Meghan’s royal downfall was brought about by one person: Meghan herself.

It seems there’s a new book on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry being announced every week.

The latest “tell-all” is written by Dylan Howard with Andy Tillett and promises to be a “stunning expose” of an “untold story” of how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the royal family.

I’ll reserve judgment on that for now.

Meghan Markle was the victim of a royal plot: Authors

kate middleton plot against meghan markle
The royal family didn’t “plot” against Meghan Markle. They were just trying to save her from herself. | Source: Isaaack/Shutterstock.com

In an attempt to create a story where one doesn’t really exist, the new book by Tillett and Howard claims, via the Express,  that Kate Middleton formed “an alliance” with the Queen in a bid to “control” Meghan Markle.

Okay, first of all, Kate Middleton formed “an alliance” with the Queen years ago. She’s her husband’s grandmother and has most likely been like a grandmother to Kate over the years as well.

If marrying into a family and having love and respect for members of that family constitutes “forming an alliance,” then Kate is guilty as charged!

Kate Middleton had every right to be concerned about Meghan’s behavior

Meghan Markle and her attitude have been well documented over the past few years. I know most of her fans will dismiss these claims as racism and jealousy, but anyone with a shred of common sense knows there’s more to it than that.

Make no mistake about it, Meghan’s royal controversies were brought about by Meghan. No one else.

There was no “plot” against Meghan and Harry. Just entirely understandable discussions among members of the royal family who have a long-term interest in preserving the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth and the wife of the future King worked together to ensure the royal family wasn’t subject to embarrassment or controversy by Meghan’s ridiculous antics.

‘Royals at War’ claims to expose tension between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

kate middleton, meghan markle
Even with this alleged plot, Kate and the Queen had Meghan’s best interests at heart. | Source: Paul ELLIS / AFP

“Royals at War” claims there was tension between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. But honestly, does that surprise anybody?

It was clear enough that Meghan’s behavior rubbed Kate Middleton the wrong way, and rightfully so.

Sources in the book claim:

In a moment of tension, the issue of their children’s titles had come up, and it allegedly unleashed a torrent of pent-up emotions.

I’ve long believed that much of Meghan’s issue with Kate was the fact that Kate was the “alpha female” within the family.

As we know, Meghan Markle doesn’t like to play second fiddle to anyone.

Kate Middleton & the Queen were trying to help Meghan Markle

The narrative from many quarters is that the royal family “had it in” for Meghan Markle since day one. But this simply isn’t backed up by any compelling evidence.

Even if you accept the claims about this alleged plot, it’s obvious that Kate and the Queen had Meghan’s best interests at heart. They knew all too well the reaction that Meghan would face from the public and the media if word of her selfish behavior leaked.

Dylan Howard claims in his book that the intervention by senior royals was:

An effective damage-limitation exercise.

This type of approach can only work so many times, though.

Sadly, Meghan’s antics eventually did make their way into the tabloids. And her reputation within the British media and with the British public was forever soured.

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