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I Don’t Buy the Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly ‘Romance’ for One Minute

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:08 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:08 PM
  • Megan Fox just gave an interview where she revealed that she and Machine Gun Kelly are “twin flames.”
  • She claims she felt this way even before they met.
  • This looks like a textbook “show-mance.”

Megan Fox is really playing this show-mance to the hilt. In a recent interview, she gushed that she and her new “boyfriend” Machine Gun Kelly are “twin flames.”

And miracle of miracles, she just happened to figure it out when they were both cast in the same film.

Do Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Think We Are This Dumb?

In an “exclusive” interview on the “Give Them Lala … with Randall ” podcast, Megan Fox “revealed” that she knew Machine Gun Kelly was her soulmate even before they met.

According to the actress, she knew it was kismet the minute she heard they were cast in the same film.

I was like, ‘who is going to play this role?’ And he (director Randall Emmett) was like, ‘Oh, we just got Machine Gun Kelly,’ and immediately, I was like, ‘Uh-oh.’ I just felt it, like, deep in my soul – that something was going to come from that.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox fanks think this is a “look of love.” I’ve given this same look to a particularly delicious burrito – and I was a lot more convincing than this. | Source: Twitter 

That’s not all.

Machine Gun Kelly claims he didn’t do anything on the set besides pine after Megan Fox.

He didn’t have time for such things as running lines, rehearsing, or getting into makeup. And he definitely didn’t have time to talk to the press or to write songs for his album.

No – all of his time was devoted to pining after a has-been actress:

She would have to get out of her car, and walk from her car to her trailer. There were, like, five steps between the car and the trailer. And I would just sit there and hope.

They capped this all off by asserting that they’re “twin flames.”

Just look at how twin flame-y they are in Machine Gun Kelly’s new video for “Bloody Valentine.”

And don’t forget to check out their twin flame-y vibes in “Midnight in the Switchgrass” when it comes out.


This Is The Most Obvious PR Stunt In History

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly aren’t the first “Hollywood couple” to enter into a show-mance, and they certainly won’t be the last.

Hollywood insiders long ago revealed there’s a whole cottage industry built around the “show-mance.”  And while there’s the rare fake relationship that becomes the real deal, it’s much more common for celebrities to “consciously uncouple” when the contract expires.

This “relationship” between Fox and Kelly is so obviously a PR stunt that it’s embarrassing. This is the type of behavior one expects from teenage pop stars looking to sell their latest single , not grown men and women with marriages and children under their belts.

Not that her ex-husband is any better with his obvious headline-grabbing stunts, but Megan Fox’s antics are next-level embarrassing. She needs to give it up – because she’s fooling no one.

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