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Kenny Chesney Is One of Many ‘Woke’ Country Stars Distancing From Trump

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
  • Country superstar Kenny Chesney just canceled his “Chillaxification” tour.
  • Unlike Donald Trump, Chesney listened to experts and decided to reschedule it for 2021.
  • Many country music stars are ready to drop any association with Trump and his ideals.

Kenny Chesney fans will have to wait another year before seeing him live in concert. That’s because the country music star was willing to do what Donald Trump won’t: listen to experts.

Chesney adds to a growing list of music’s “good old boys” who are starting to lean liberal, away from the current POTUS.

Kenny Chesney Makes a Tough Decision

Chesney released a statement to his fans today, saying, 

I kept talking to experts, city officials, team owners, medical people, looking to understand how we were coming along with resolving the health issues.

Wow, if only our president had as much common sense as a pop-country singer, the U.S. might not pace the world in COVID-19 deaths. 

Chesney continued:

I did the hardest thing for me, but obviously best option for the safety of No Shoes Nation, my road family and everyone at the buildings involved.

Country Stars Who Are Starting to Wake Up

While country has long been the music of choice for the conservatives, they’re running out of artists to support. That’s because many country artists have stopped supporting them.

Here’s a list of the country stars who’ve made their stance known.

1. Kenny Chesney

In 2016, Chesney faced controversy as Beyoncé fans accused him of not enjoying her surprising performance at the CMA awards.

Chesney responded: 

I believe music is great or not. It has nothing to do with genre, gender or color. Just did you bring it, and how great are your songs? To me, there’s no question about Beyoncé – or my response to their performance.

In 2016, he released the song “Noise,” which contained anti-Trump sentiments. 

2. The Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks are probably the leaders of this revolution. In 2003, they spoke out against George W. Bush’s war against Iraq.  Country fans were outraged and the backlash tanked the group’s career. But we all know who was on the right side of history. 

3. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is a proud Democrat and supporter of Barack Obama. He and his wife Faith Hill have advocated for stricter gun control laws.  Good on you, Tim. Way to make your stance known, instead of cloaking your beliefs like country legends Garth Brooks  or George Strait.

4. Willy Nelson

Willy Nelson has never been a fan of Donald Trump. The weed-smoking sage even wrote a song called “Delete and Fast-Forward,”  which was about fast-forwarding four years until Trump was gone.

5. Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift has pivoted into a pop sensation, she built her fanbase around country-lovers. That didn’t stop her from roasting the president in one of the biggest tweets of the year.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift finds her voice. | Source: Twitter 

The list goes on and on. From Brad Paisley to Eric Church to Kacey Musgraves  to alt-country sensation Jason Isbell, country music is no longer a safe-haven for anti-liberalism.

While many will claim that these artists are “unpatriotic,” they might be doing the most patriotic thing possible by trying to save their country.

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