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Kate Middleton’s Selflessness Says More About the Royal Family Than You Think

Kate Middleton's selfless act on her and Prince William's ninth wedding anniversary says more about the royal family than you think.

  • This year marks the ninth wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • While most couples would celebrate their anniversary with a meal and some “alone” time, Kate spent hers speaking with an NHS maternity ward.
  • This says more about the royal family than most people – especially their critics – realize.

Kate Middleton may be married to the future King of Britain, but she’s no different from the rest of us. That makes the selfless way she spent her wedding anniversary even more extraordinary.

The Duchess of Cambridge put aside her celebrations to make time for new mothers and to help make this special time in their lives just a little bit more memorable.

What she chose to do with this important day speaks volumes about Kate Middleton as a person. But it also reveals quite a bit about the evolution of the royal family.

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Kate Middleton has behaved admirably during the coronavirus pandemic

The horrific coronavirus pandemic has thrown much of what we know and love into chaos.

The royal family has been doing their part comfort and support NHS workers and members of the general public alike.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been at the center of the royal campaign. Prince Charles and the Queen have had to take a back seat due to their advanced years and the threat that this virus presents to older individuals.

Britain called, and neither Prince William nor the Duchess of Cambridge hesitated to step up.

A new royal approach for a new generation?

The royal family has often been accused of being old fashioned and stuck in its ways. Many believe that reluctance and unwillingness to modernize is what caused Meghan Markle to part ways with Prince Harry’s family.

That’s absolutely wrong, of course.

The way Kate Middleton and Prince William have approached their royal duties has shown that there is plenty of scope for change and modernization within the royal family.

You have to believe that Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, would be proud of how her boy is making the role his own. | Source: Stephen Lock/Pool via REUTERS

What worked for Prince Charles and the Queen in years gone by may not appeal to the younger generation of Brits and royal fans worldwide.

This is where the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William can really come into their own.

When futures generations look back on their legacy, it wouldn’t be surprising if they view the coronavirus pandemic as the point where William and Kate assumed responsibility for the direction of the royal family and started to carve their own path.

You have to believe that Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, would be proud of how her boy is making the role his own.

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