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Kanye West is Vulnerable – and Kris Jenner Used Him for TV Ratings

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
  • Kanye West previously revealed he suffers from bipolar disorder and had an “episode” while on the campaign trail.
  • He’s continuing to feel the fallout from his aborted presidential campaign.
  • And, in the process, he’s “cozying up” to Kris Jenner — who is, perhaps, taking the most advantage of the situation.

Kanye West previously disclosed his bipolar diagnosis in several interviews, and his recent behavior on the “campaign trail” has done nothing to dispel assertions he’s suffering an “episode.” 

As he continues to feel the fallout from his pointless presidential run, there’s one person who seems to be benefitting from this: Kris Jenner, who is reportedly “cozying up” to her son-in-law as he tries to rebuild the bridges he’s burned along the way.

Kanye West is Facing Some Serious Charges

Kanye’s presidential run is a joke, but it could have serious consequences.

Weeks after a New Jersey lawyer alleged his campaign forged signatures to get him on the ballot, analysts argue West may have committed election fraud :

The board of elections in Illinois reviewed the validity of the signatures on West’s petition after three different whistleblowers asked the state to take a closer look in late July. On Friday, August 7, the state elections board announced that 60% of them were invalid — that’s 1,928 of the 3,218 signatures West submitted. He needed 2,500 valid names to enter the race.

Kanye West’s episode may result in a serious charge for him. | Source: Twitter 

That’s an ignominious ending for Kanye West, who probably thought he was only getting a little bit of much-needed press for his (rumored?) upcoming projects.

But while Kanye West suffers from public humiliation and possible criminal charges, there is one person who stands to benefit from it all – and we shouldn’t be surprised.

Kris Jenner is Sitting Pretty

As reports begin to emerge that Kanye West is “missing” Jay-Z while “cozying up” to Kris Jenner , the question of what the latter has to gain from all of this begs itself.

Video: Some Fans Are Aware That Kanye West May Be Getting Taken Advantage Of

We’ve already established that Jenner appeared to play a central role in West’s breakdown. Now, though, it seems like she’s exploiting West’s illness for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” ratings.

This is only a suggestion, of course — it’s a little heavy to outright say that Kanye West has gone from being a world-class rapper and producer to a pawn in the Kardashian/Jenner game — but, if it’s true, it would be right on brand for this fame-hungry family.

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