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Kanye West Better Endorse Joe Biden Soon – Or Else We’re Screwed

In any other election year, Kanye West's 'presidential campaign' would be a humorous PR stunt. In this one, it may have dire consequences.

  • Kanye West and his “run for president” are a joke, but this isn’t the year for a comedy routine.
  • New Jersey Democrats know this. That’s why they’re challenging West’s bid to get on the ballot.
  • In any other election, his stunt would be annoying. This time, it could have devastating consequences.

Kanye West wants New Jersey, but Democrats in New Jersey don’t want Kanye West.

After the rapper filed a petition to secure a spot on the state’s presidential ballot, Democratic lawyer Scott Salmon started fighting back.

Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Amps up the Cringe

Salmon – who ran unsuccessfully ran for Congress back in 2018 – claims West’s petition relies on forged signatures.

It sure looks like some of these signatures may have been forged. That’s still not the biggest problem with Kanye’s presidential run. | Source: Twitter

He alleged:

Those signatures are egregiously bad, almost to a degree insulting. The signatures are missing required information and many appear to be written in the same hand.

Salmon suggested – but stopped short of claiming – that Kanye West’s well-documented struggle with bipolar disorder may be influencing his behavior on the campaign trail.

I’m not his doctor. I’m not his wife. So I don’t know what his mental state is. I’ve seen the reports. I’m just looking at this based on what the law is in New Jersey, and this doesn’t meet this level.


We May Not Have a Problem in New Jersey, But Swing States Are a Concern

Here’s the good news: Kanye West is unlikely to rock the boat in New Jersey. Little polling has been conducted in the Garden State, but only because the state is expected to swing overwhelmingly for Joe Biden.

What’s more, independent candidates – no matter the party – typically perform poorly in the state.

That’s not the point.

This was not the year for Kanye West to pull his publicity stunts. | Source: Twitter

With the Trump presidency being such an epic failure on so many levels, the absolute last thing we need is for any votes to be taken away from Joe Biden – either out of spite or out of stupidity.

In any other year, Kanye West and his antics would be a curiosity. In this one, they’re (rightly) viewed as dangerous.

Maybe New Jersey is safe, but what if he sways enough votes to gift a swing state to Trump?

For all his MAGA posturing, Kanye has actually been a staunch supporter of Democratic candidates and causes. If he truly cares about those causes, he needs to extend his celebrity power to Joe Biden and help him get elected.

Otherwise, we could be screwed. And it will be Kanye’s fault.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:09 PM

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