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Joe Biden Is Shilling Conspiracy Theories Because He’s Doomed

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
  • Joe Biden peddled two Trump conspiracy theories this week.
  • It’s the last refuge of a campaign on its last leg before the convention.
  • Trump decisively outclasses Biden in fundraising, incumbency advantage, earned media coverage, supporter enthusiasm, and being Trump.

At a virtual fundraiser this week, Joe Biden hawked two wild conspiracy theories. One is that Donald Trump will try to suspend the election in November :

Mark my words. I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held.

He also said Trump is going to collude with the Russians “again” :

You can be assured between [Trump] and the Russians there is going to be an attempt to interfere. I guarantee, I promise you the Russians did interfere in our election and I guarantee you they are doing it again with two other major actors.

But Joe Biden’s first conspiracy theory is patently ridiculous. The “times, places, and manner” of federal elections are set in federal law by Congress . Further, his second theory is the same, tired, unproven tripe voters have heard from Democrats since Trump won in 2016 .

#DropOutBiden is already trending among Democrats. | Source: Twitter 

Why Democrats Are Taking Refuge In Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are the last refuge of a losing political faction in denial. Democrats were so sure Hillary Clinton would win in 2016. They were deeply, smugly certain.

Consequently, Donald Trump’s ascendancy traumatized them. So they spent years chasing their tail looking for any possible way to deny the legitimacy of Trump’s win.

As a result, Democrats began to embrace far-out conspiracy theories that were once the exclusive domain of the fringe political right in this country. They even led a modern-day McCarthyite red scare about Russian collusion with U.S. political actors.

Joe Biden is merely serving up what Democrats in the Trump era can’t get enough of. They just love a good, whacky, anti-Trump conspiracy theory with no basis in reality.

Hillary Clinton even joined in last year. She espoused a bizarre conspiracy theory about a congresswoman in her own party. She said Russian agents would help Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) run third party to split the Democrats’ votes and get Trump reelected.

But this year, Gabbard endorsed Joe Biden a month before Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) even did . Warren waited until Bernie dropped out to make her indecisive endorsement. 

So there’s yet another Russian-collusion conspiracy theory debunked. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from peddling yet more of them. He can’t help himself because he’s losing.

The Party of Jefferson was unable to select a strong candidate. So it defaulted to the one with the most name recognition. And that was a massive, systemwide error.

Joe Biden Embraces Conspiracy Theories Because He’s Doomed

The Biden campaign is so dead on arrival, even the most dyed in the wool Republican should have some pity for the Democratic Party in 2020. It’s strikingly tragic.

If you object that Joe Biden is leading in the polls , don’t forget these are the same polls that showed Hillary Clinton with a 90%  to 99% probability of winning in 2016 .

Something else to consider: Ronald Reagan was behind in the polls for months when he was up against Walter Mondale. He went on to win every state but Minnesota in 1984.

Mondale had just been vice president less than four years earlier. Reagan was a television actor from a blue state. The similarities are eerily striking.

Then look at the enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden. Donald Trump still fills arenas like he did in 2016. Joe Biden gets heckled in middle school gymnasiums.

Finally, money speaks louder and truer than poll respondents. Joe Biden has raised $132,034,576 , while President Donald Trump has raised $245,757,538 . It’s over.

Joe Biden is hiding out during the coronavirus pandemic, not talking to the media. His supporters are spinning it as some kind of rope-a-dope tactic to let Trump defeat himself .

But Hillary Clinton tried the same thing in 2016 , and it did not work for her. Now she’s shilling conspiracy theories alongside Sleepy Joe.

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