It’s About Time Kate Middleton Is Seen In Her True Light

  • There’s a real effort in the British media to try to portray Kate Middleton as a high-class lady of the manor.
  • As the future Queen Consort of England, it’s perhaps in her best interest to continue to be shown in this light.
  • But recent articles — and a recent book on the British royal family — reveal a very different story.

If you believe the British press, Kate Middleton is a high-class lady of the manor.

Like a princess in a Disney fairy tale, the Duchess of Cambridge has been depicted as a delicate put-upon flower, speaking in hushed tones while touting stereotypically European features — and this, of course, is often set in direct contrast to one Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who is (as has been said time and again) depicted as nothing short of the Wicked Witch sent by the United States to destroy everything good and pure about the British Empire.

But thanks to a recent article about Middleton’s uncle — and an explosive new book that I’m sure Markle haters will say was commissioned by her — the reality of the Duchess of Cambridge is a far different one.

Kate Middleton Comes From A Social Climbing Family

Even though the British press paints Meghan Markle as a social-climbing gold-digger today, the real social climber is one Kate Middleton.

Her mother, Carole Middleton, is notorious for her social-climbing ways and is frequently excoriated in the press for them. One of her most notorious demonstrations of social climbing was at her 60th birthday party, where she was accompanied by four royal protection guards (paid for by the British taxpayer) and spent the equivalent of $50,000 USD on her party. At the time, The Daily Mail referred to her as a “social climber,” and the comments section demonstrated that the British people thought so, as well.

Kate Middleton maneuvered herself into royal circles while accomplishing nothing in life. So why is Meghan Markle referred to as the “social climber”? | Source: Twitter

Carole Middleton was really only continuing a fine family tradition of social-climbing, after all — and it’s a tradition she passed down to her daughter, the Duchess of Cambridge.

What’s more, royal commentator Elaine Lui pointed out that Kate Middleton was so deliberate in her attempts at becoming the next Queen Consort that she went so far as to change her college to be close to the future King.

Kate Middleton met Prince William at St Andrews University – she was not supposed to go to St Andrews University – when Prince William announced he was going to St Andrews University, she changed schools. There she got her way into Prince William’s circle – that’s also what we would call social climbing and networking. Then she became his girlfriend and you don’t hear about Kate Middleton hanging out with any of her old friends. They only hang out with royal people, like aristocrats. That’s what royal people do.

And how, exactly, did the poor, put-upon, delicate flower “get her way” into Prince William’s circle? As Robert Lacey points out in his new book, “Battle of Brothers,” she sashayed down the runway in her underwear, then fought like a tomcat in the alley to get and “keep” her man.

How dainty.

How about the Family?

Much ado is made about the fact that Meghan Markle’s family — specifically Thomas Markle and her two half-siblings — are “Jerry Springer Show” levels of trashy.

And they are. Here’s an exhibit with how creepy Thomas Markle can be:

But if we’re going to take Meghan Markle to task for her trashy family, certainly we can put Kate Middleton under the same scrutiny when deserved.

And before the frumps scream about how “hateful” that is, what else would you call Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, when he takes to LinkedIn to unleash an expletive-filled rant against his niece’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law? As he wrote in a now-deleted post:

With so much stuff going on in the world, still these two muppets are craving attention. Please shut the F up and bring up their child and stop talking, let alone demanding. Harry you have lost our love and respect. Meghan you are a wrong’n. Now hush please we are kinda busy saving lives and an economy.

Was this necessary? No. Did he do it anyway? Yes. Is he trashy for doing so? Absolutely.

This is not the first time that Kate Middleton has been shown in her true light — but it should definitely be the last, and there can be no question as to who the real social-climbing gold-digger is.

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62 thoughts on “It’s About Time Kate Middleton Is Seen In Her True Light”

  1. OMG these comments are so funny. I said back in 2008 that Kate was a gold digger, I mean Heller Keller could see it. Kate Middleton family was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point and Party Pieces picked up again when news about her dating William but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is everyone trying to paint Kate as some lady ” to the manor born ” when she wasn’t, not in the slightest. I think people in the right ” circles” know what Kate is. She may beloved of the British people but she isn’t with the British upper classes, nor is her family. Matter of fact, her sister Peppa or Pippa tried to date George Percy, the Duke of Northumberland, you know the heir to the richest aristocratic house in England ( same house that Anne Boleyn originally tried to marry into, irony right) but that was cancelled real quick just like Anne Boleyn ” marriage” to the Northumberland heir Henry Percy was way back then.

    Kate Middleton waited 9 YEARS. Even when William cheated on her and he has ( a few times). William was interested in other women like Isabella Calthorpe you know the girl who turned William down. I get there are alot of lower middle class and middle class folks who adore Kate but I can almost guarantee you, she isn’t what she seems. Not in the slightest.

    • OMG you are so funny, Candi. Stating bald lies as though they were facts. There were no reports that Party Pieces was on the verge of bankruptcy, and if you consider that James Middleton even launched business ventures during William & Kate’s courtship years, it looks like they had enough money to capitalize on a few new ventures. Hardly on the verge of bankruptcy!

      Nobody is trying to “paint Kate as to the manor born.” Nobody has ever tried to hide her middle class origins as if it were a dirty secret. In fact, that makes her more likeable and relatable! It’s so out in the open that we know Kate had coal miner ancestors from northern England, and that her great-grandmother was a code breaker during World War II. Hardly a secret.

      It’s true that Kate had to endure snobbery from the upper classes, who criticized her because her mother worked as an air stewardess. Are you proud of that? You like snobbish people then?

      Pippa MIddleton did date George Percy, but what does thais prove? Dating people doesn’t automatically mean one is “trying to marry” them. It could also mean that you’re trying to get to know them and see if you suit each other. Or it could mean you’re bored and just want to have a partner to go out with! At any rate, Pippa dating Percy just goes to show that the Middleton sisters were already mingling in those circles.

      William AND Kate waited nine years. It is misognyistic and anti-feminist to think only the woman waits. William had his parents’ disastrous marriage as an example, so he was extra careful. And it now looks like his careful approach is paying off way better than his brother’s insane rush to get married. Just look at the shambles of the Sussex marriage, and you’ll see just why it’s so important to get to know each other well for a royal marriage. Particularly a royal marriage. Those nine years were well spent.

      Isabella Calthorpe is an attractive girl and if she caught William’s eye years ago, why not? The point is he loved Kate enough to marry her.

      So Kate isn’t what she seems, is she? Do you know her? How often do you meet up so she can tell you the deep, dark secrets of her heart?

        • If you think I confirmed “nearly everything you said” then you have a serious problem with reading comprehension. And I mean, serious! It will affect your life choices, and put you in danger. Can you imagine taking medication when you didn’t fully comprehend what’s printed on the label? Please, please, for your own safety, do something about that. Take lessons, widen your reading selections, join a book club. Do whatever it takes, but improve that comprehension. Your life will be much, much better for it. Good luck!

    • As a corollary to William and Kate’s nine year courtship, you should know that that is not unusual, especially in a young couple who met in college. It’s a healthy relationship that allows the persons involved to first grow up, mature, get to know a little of the world, before committing to each other totally.

      I myself met my husband in 1994, when I was 20 years old and in University. We didn’t get married until 2012. During the period between, we grew up and built up our lives as individual people first, before coming together as a couple. We are very happy and it is a healthy and strong relationship. Sometimes, it is the love that endures that is more genuine. I now am in a relationship that I know will endure.

      I think that’s what William and Kate have, too. From the outside looking in, we don’t see all the crucial moments that make their marriage work, because we as outsiders only look at romantic cues like holding hands. But in a strong marriage, it’s those moments that matter. Wait 20 years and let’s see whose marriage lasts.

      • When I read your comments, I am hearing nothing but excuses. Now provide me excuses for everything else that was listed..
        1. the changing schools, the school she got into was more prestigious
        2. the gap year – entering the same time as William
        3. befriending Williams friends and eventually William
        4. Never really holding down an actual job or working but waiting for 9 years for a man to marry you.. most women would have moved on after a few years but Kate waited for 9.. including when William went on Holiday in Greece with a bunch of females on a yacht. I highly doubt your future husband did that… Oh that Isabella Calthorpe situation was also when he was with Kate too..right before he and Kate separated back in 2004.. and AGAIN she waited for him to come back.. it was because she loved him sooooooooooooo much right? He cheated a few times and she took him back..wasnt there a recent scandal with marchioness of cholmondeley? But that must be all lies too, huh…William would never cheat on Kate, right?

        Wait, let me think, you actually think that she just happened to fall in love with the heir to the throne and there was no strategy involved on her part. Oh and her sister just happened to date George Percy, Heir to the richest house in England? Are you telling me, the Middleton girls don’t fall for regular blokes? There were no regular blokes at their school? They just happened to marry and date some of the most eligible bachelors in the United Kingdom.. that was sheer luck right? Because they were apart of the upper class circle now? lol… Just happenstance? Its good that you believe that… that you believe in fairy tales… I’m happy for you… I am glad you relate to her so well too… lol..

        BTW, most likely the Percy family put an end to that with Pippa and I can imagine alot of other best houses weren’t interested either. You said that that’s their circle now? LOL Really, how? explain how the upper class houses of Britain were now apart of Pippa Middleton’s circle, because of her sister? or that fake title her parents got? Also, Kate’s parents are so rich that William helps buy their home.. WHy? they have 60 Million according to you.. lol..

        • My dear Candi, why should I provide you with excuses for anything? Have I done something to you that I need to ask to be excused? What a demanding little moron you are. If only your intellect and comprehension matched your entitlement, then we’d be in a better place to start off the conversation. However, I’ll indulge you just this once. Don’t get used to it!

          1. Lots of people change schools without an ulterior motive. You just hate Kate that is why this simple thing has to be presented in the worst light possible.
          2. Taking a gap year is very common, so Kate didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Even William took a gap year. Kate and William were born in the same year, so they were really going to be in the same batch. Try to use your brain please.
          3. William and Kate made may friends in college, and it’s quite a stretch to accuse Kate of having a motive. So every person in that social group had an agenda? Or you’re just really picking on Kate?
          4. My dear, lots of the children of rich parents work for the family business. It’s perfectly acceptable and that’s what Kate did. You make it sound like a crime.
          5. William and other girls — you do know that it’s common for young people to date around before settling down? Kate and William were unusually devoted, considering that they started out in college. Many young couples don’t make it because adult life is too different and pulls them apart. Their short breakup was very understandable, and even healthy, don’t you think? They both looked around at other people, grew into adults, tasted single life as adults… and eventually realized that they wanted to be together after all. It’s very realistic situation and makes me think they were mature about it.
          6. Why do you think it’s so hard for someone to truly love William, anyway? He’s got his good points, he’s not a monster. You really think it’s impossible for a royal prince to be truly loved? So what does that make Meghan?
          7. As to Pippa’s dates… you must realize that if you are socializing in aristocratic circles and they comprise your friends, then guess what? You start dating some of them. Who else do you date but people within your social groups, the friends of friends, the brothers of friends.. in short, people who already are within the six-degrees-of-separation network. That’s what Pippa and Kate’s circles were. And by the way, she did marry a regular bloke. No titles, a businessman.

          However, let’s say Pippa married a nobleman. What’s wrong with that? Are noblemen so unloveable that the women who marry them must have an agenda? You really are very prejudiced against princes and noblemen, aren’t you? You think they don’t deserve love and happiness.

          I believe in fairness, not fairy tales. My life is not a fairytale. But I do have a healthy and loving relationship that took… here it comes… 18 YEARS to develop. We weren’t waiting for each other, it was just the natural course of our relationship. And that is why I can tell you that it is entirely believable that William and Kate naturally found their way to each other after a nine-year courtship, and that taking their time has made their marriage stronger and healthier than if they had rushed into it.

          If the Percy family “put an end” to Pippa’s relationship, I say good riddance to him. The one thing you don’t want in a man, is someone who is controlled by his mother. Or his parents. You want a strong, mature, intelligent adult to share your life. If this is what happened (which I never read of anywhere), then kudos to Pippa for escaping an idiot. Wow. It would have been different if HE decided he didn’t want her. But to be controlled by your family… really?

          Where’d you get the 60 million? I wish you would exercise a little more mental discipline. Now you’re attributing facts that I never stated. In fact, a lot more reasoned thinking and logic, and a lot less spite and malice would do you a world of good.

          Good luck.

        • Candi you are so tunnel visioned and so fixated on this narrative that you cannot see anything else that deviate from your theory.

          1. the changing schools, the school she got into was more prestigious?
          I got into the most prestigious university in the country which was my first choice but I changed my mind to go to a lesser known university with a completely different course to what my initial plan was to be closer to my family as I did not want to burden my parents with the higher cost of me living in a different city at the time. There are many reasons that people change their mind and are you saying that you have never changed your mind for anything in your entire life? There could be hundreds of other reasons why she changed university to attend St Andrew university other than to meet William. She may know someone there or the courses it offer might be more appealing to her etc. Your point doesn’t prove anything.

          2. the gap year – entering the same time as William?
          Again thousands of teenagers each year take gap year to explore the world before starting university. Kate is one of those thousands of teenager that year to take the gap year. You are saying as if William and therefore Kate are the only 2 people in the whole of UK to take gap year and therefore it is proof that Kate was chasing William. Again, this point does not prove anything.

          3. befriending Williams friends and eventually William?
          You have to keep in mind that William has protection officer with him all the time. This university has over 7000 students and in order to meet William, Kate would have had to stalk William for a good few weeks to pull off your theory. This will not be possible with the protection officer that William got around him. The officer would have alerted William that someone is following him all the time. Also William is a very cautious person and allow only small group of people into his inner circle. This is the interview he did when he entered St Andrew university. William, 19, said: ‘People who try to take advantage of me and get a piece of me, I spot it quickly and soon go off them.’ Nevertheless, he said he was hoping to meet new friends. ‘I just hope I can meet people I get on with. I don’t care about their background.’ So William is no idiot to fall for someone who is a gold digger as you would like to suggest.

          4. Never really holding down an actual job or working but waiting for 9 years for a man to marry you?
          You have to realise that out of those 9 years to marry William, 4 of those years were in university. She was doing uni courses and not working during those 4 years. So we have 5 year after the university to analyse then shall we. When I was 29 years old which is the age that Kate got married, I was 2 years out of university , doing residency and my career was not established then. Now that I am in my late 30’s I have additional post graduated degree added to my accolade and my career is much more established with a much larger income. My brother who finished computer engineering degree could not get a job for 2 years after he completed his uni degree. So 5 years after finishing her university degree is hardly enough time to establish any kind of career. She was not jobless, she was working in her family business as well as being an accessory buyer for Jigsaw. Also, waiting 9 years before marriage means that both of them get to know each other a lot better. If she is in for status, fame and money only, William would have seen through her in all those years together. So you really have no point at all to prove your narrative.

  2. How dare you criticize Thomas Markle? He was there for his child whilst her shady, unloving and self-serving mother abandoned her for 8 years.

    • Well, unfortunately for poor Thomas Markle, that very child cut him out of her life and is willing to feed him to the wolves. Poor man.

  3. This seems to have been written by an American. Kate knows how to behave with dignity. I highly doubt she didn’t encounter challenges when she first married in the Royal family. But instead of alienating her husband from his family, she worked to adjust to it. Markle wanted only a prince and had no respect for the family of her husband. She wanted to live off taxpayers money and decided that everything they did would be private. When the social climbing goldigging American couldn’t get her way, she played on Harry’s weakness for attention to extract him from the family.

  4. Oh Bernadette, Megan got the job as an intern because of her uncle. I believe she ghosted him. If I remember she didn’t pass the international test. You said she was in 23 TV series was that one series 23 times? Everybody needs someone in their corner, So have at it Bernadette

    • Where does it factually state that Megan allegedly “didn’t pass the international test?” I call baloney on that. Exactly what test was that? She wasn’t applying to become an ambassador! Being an intern is often exchanged for college credit & can be unpaid work, or a small stipend. I did several internships during college at U.C.Davis, none of them were paid, but they were invaluable work/life experience, & I learned a lot.

      • According to Andrew Morton (Princess Diana biographer): Certainly she (Meghan) was sufficiently committed to a career with the State Department to take the Foreign Service Officer Test while she was still in Argentina. The three-hour exam is a mix of politics, history, general knowledge and maths, requiring an awareness of everything from the origin of be-bop to East Asian labour laws.
        It proved a stretch too far; Meghan failed the exam.” This is public knowledge, available on search on the Internet.
        This is backed with evidence of her inappropriate behaviour during the very short stint as a working British Royal. She proved zero knowledge of international relations or protocol for receiving foreign dignitaries.

      • The source is finding freedom “the hagiography/autobiography”.

        While she was still in Argentina, Markle took the Foreign Service Officer Test, a gruelling three-hour exam that tests knowledge in everything from pop culture to geography to math. Unfortunately, Markle didn’t pass the test.

      • I don’t know how you seem to be so knowledgeable when it comes to malice against Kate, and yet fail to know this about Meghan. Blind bias? Its in Andrew Morton’s biography, and do remember that Morton has been mostly sympathetic to Meghan. It’s acknowledged in Meghan’s Wikipedia page — which she or someone she employs edits. We know this because of the recent edits referenced her as an activist rather than model. It’s also found in other papers and not a State secret, so why can’t you find it? More likely, you are prejudiced and refuse to acknowledge anything critical, even if true, against Meghan.

      • Do you know, Concierge, I just remembered that you once said that YOU don’t have to share any links to justify anything you’ve said about Meghan. And now here you are asking for proof from us? You’ve got some nerve, haven’t you? And you see nothing hypocritical about that, of course.

        I begin to understand why you’re so defensive of Meghan now. I really do.

  5. Yesterday’s news. Everything that needed to be said about Kate’s family – who might be ambitious but go about it without hurting others – was said ages ago when every detail of Kate’s life was dragged into open daylight by the press. The only new stuff you have here is her uncle, for whose opinions nobody is responsible but himself. To me the whole article looks like a child throwing a tantrum and yelling: “But she is much worse than me/ Meghan!” Whatever.

  6. 1. Kate and her family has never hidden their middle class background. Kate has never been contrasted to Meghan because of her “stereotypically European features.”

    2. Meghan was never depicted as a “wicked with from the US sent to destroy what’s good and pure about Britain.” Meghan was warmly welcomed, nothing was withheld from her. Only when she began to behave badly and showed bad character that the Brits began to criticize her.

    3. Kate took a gap year. Most British kids take a gap year. So why is her gap year proof she was chasing William?

    4. Kate was on a school runway for a school fashion show. The outfits were approved by the school, and was less revealing than a bikini. There were other kids in the show, so why is Kate’s participation particularly evil?

    5. Carole Middleton wasn’t given royal protection. Kate and William attended her 60th birthday, and it is THEy who had royal protection. You carefully omitted to say this, while telling a blatant lie.

    6. On what basis do you call the Middletons social climbing? Because their daughter married a prince? If so, Meghan is a social climber as well. Because they made money? Don’t they have the right to better themselves? They made their fortune with clean hands, without hurting any other human being, and they should be commended for that.

    7. Uncle Gary is a Brit whose taxes go into H&M’s lifestyle. He the same right to speak up as any other British citizen. The fact that he’s related to Kate doesn’t mean he has given up all his rights. Plus, he can live as he pleases.

    8. Kate is not a delicate flower. She is strong and resilient. Meghan couldn’t hack two years in the Royal Family. Kate has what it takes to be Queen.

    • I think the problem was that the press pays too much attention to the Ladies that marry Princes. Typical example was Princess Diana which made Charles jealous of her according to the press and other factors.
      In Megan’s case, she was blown away by the press and she craves attention and approval from the family, but Diana was not there to help her navigate the Royal waters and British press, so she took the easiest option and ran away with lovely Harry.

      I really wish they will all find a way to bond together again and live in harmony. If Kate was not destined to marry William, it won’t happen so the situation of her manipulating events to suit their union does not even arise.

      As for calling her and her family, social climber, that’s uncalled for. They work hard and were blessed with success. She is a lady and she has conducted herself well.
      Megan is a trained actress and has conquered her inhibitions hence her ability to public speaking.
      They two ladies are different individuals and should not be compared at all. They are all comfortable in their own skin. Please let them be.

  7. I’m impressed that Kate set sights on William early. Actually, getting married and having a family is normal. Chasing silly careers is not. She set a goal and worked at it. The earlier a person figures out what they want to do in life, the better and the more likely they are able to succeed. She was focused and determined.

    Prince William was the one who erred. It took him way too long to commit and that wasted important child bearing years for Kate. A woman’s best years to have children are in her twenties. Look at Queen Victoria. She married at 21, had nine children and she and her husband were wildly in love.

    • What a ludicrous comment! Who are you to decide that MM was “chasing a silly career?!” She srudied Dramatic Arts & Political Svience in college, so she was using her degrees to get work. Were you born in the dark ages? I would not call having nine children wise. The last thing the planet needs, is families having nine kids! Many women wait til their 30’s to have kids, so they can get established in their career first & be more financially stable, prior to starting a family.

      • Growing up Irene statement about the best years to have children is in their 20’s is not wrong. Maternal age greater than 35 is consider high risk pregnancy. I do agree with your comment about having too many children and having financial stability.

      • Aha, someone is oversensitive! I believe the actual quote is:

        “…getting married and having a family is normal. Chasing silly careers is not.”

        Kate is the subject of the article and of the comment. Meghan is not the subject of either. But you immediately interpret this as criticism against Meghan. Is this some kind of persecution complex or victim mania on Meghan’s behalf? Very interesting reaction there.

  8. Whatever, no one is perfect and the Middleton family may have some unattractive attributes like any family, like any person. But if I have to choose between Meghan and Kate, it would be Kate in a heartbeat. At least Kate is not creating a storm in a cup. And I speak as a woman of color. What Meghan is doing is condemnable. Use your voice for real situations. I do not agree or support her fake plight that she was ‘suffering’ in the Royal Family. She just wanted to control everyone just like her very own daddy described her; plain and simple she is a controller, deluded and rude person

    • Were you aware of the level of racism she experienced in London? It is a pretty racist society and the tabloids are terrible. I have read articles about people of color actually moving to a different country after Boris Johnson won. You put quotes around the word suffering as if Meghan used that word to describe her experience in the royal family. Did she actually use that word?

      • Out of curiosity, have you lived in Britain yourself or how do you know it’s a “pretty racist society”? Did you make bad experiences there? Where did you read the articles about people of color moving to a different country? I’m most happy to educate myself if I get proper sources. Just a simple “I read it” will not cut it anymore these days, I fear, because people read – and write – all kinds of stuff without checking the facts first. To call an entire society racist is a serious accusation, so I’m interested how this claim is backed up.

      • Indeed, London is a city that welcomes many races and is quite diverse, racially and culturally. The Mayor of London himself is ethnically Pakistani, born to immigrant Muslim parents. Just because you are racially biased against white people doesn’t make it ok for you to ignore all the ways that London is multicultural just because it doesn’t fit your preferred narrative. I live in London and I speak from experience, a daily experience of many years. I am also biracial. You, on the other hand, have simply “read articles” about people that you perhaps don’t even know.

        By saying what you’ve just said, you are insulting and disrespecting every single citizen of London. You are spreading hate, divisiveness and prejudice. You are attacking our city and our culture. You are guilty of all these.

        You are also very ignorant. And malicious. Shame on you.

    • Faking the Succession and slamming the RF and the late Diana on the Daily Mail is more than just unattractive attributes, apparently. Meghan didn’t foul up the Succession with 3 fake royal heirs – and how is bleaching children’s hair from birth good parenting, too? Willy is a true hypocritical and temper-tantrum fake father, cheating husband, and lying ar@e. Allegedly. Kate never could tell her horrific, vile, and low-class vulgar mother and fake royal grannie to park it where the sun don’t shine. Truly horrible family. Allegedly.

      • If you have proof of the three “fake royal heirs’, it is your duty to report these proofs. You have a moral AND a legal obligation. Otherwise, you are just malicious, hatemongering and GUILTY of libel. You should be in jail.

        Ditto with your statements about the rest of the Royal Family.

        Truly, your post isn’t even coherent or intelligent, nor makes sense. It’s just one garbled, crazy line of rage, hate, malice, bitterness and evil.

        If you are an example of the kind of people who admire Meghan Markle, it makes me start wondering what kind of person she is that she attracts the such lowlife supporters. Where are the thoughtful, calm and classy individuals who support her? Why can’t we find them? Perhaps they don’t exist?

        Is this the way Meghan divides people then? Intelligent, rational, classy people dislike her. Hysterical, idiotic, irrational, malicious rabble love her. Guess where you fall?

  9. When you are going to compare the 2 women, then it is only fair to compare the 2 when they were the same age in their lives in terms of their achievements. Kate was 29 when she married William while Meghan was 37 years old when she married Harry. They are both the same age so it is easy to compare their achievements prior to 2011 when Kate got married for fairness sake. The Suites series started in 2011 so prior to that year, her achievement only include calligraphy work and some bit parts in some movies and some series. Her achievements prior to 2011 were nothing to rave about. So I would say the 2 women were similar in terms of achievement when they were 29 years old.

    Kate Middleton parents are self made millionaire, has net-worth of $67 millions and mind you it is all from their own effort. They worked hard for every penny of it. Their networth is currently higher than Prince William’s networth. Your link to Daily Mail article about Carol’s Birthday bash, they used their OWN money for the party so what is your problem with it. They are using their own money. The bodyguard if present will be for Kate and William and not for Carol. So again twisting things to suit your agenda it seems Bernadette?

    • @Joan I think ‘calligraphy’ is a kind description of Meghan’s handwriting, which struggles to stay neat, and has unnatural flourishes for effect – in fact, all form and no substance. Graphology 101.

    • During the engagement interview of Kate and William’s, the journalist asked Kate if she feels lucky that she was marrying William. Kate’s reply was “William is the one lucky to marry me”. Enough said.

      • Kate was right.
        Look where Meghan drove Prince Harry; he lost his military titles, his duties, his country, he is estranged from family and friends. Harry is just an appendix for Meghan’s ambitions.
        Prince William has a normal, loving home and family and Kate is to be credited for all that.

    • Wrong!!! Creepy family and gauche-climbing failures who may have lived off of Uncle Gary’s shady dealings. Oh, and helping one’s lazy and barren daughter fake the Succession with 3 worthless Middleton heirs is pretty tacky too. You don’t get dark brown eyed children from parents with light blue and green eyes. HM and others know the truth, apparently – I know people who informed them.

      • You are irrational and malicious and hatemongering.
        1. It is malicious to call the Middletons creepy. They look quite normal, and dress normally.
        2. They do not live off Uncle Gary’s “shady dealings” (which, by the way, if you have no evidence of, then you’re guilty of libel). The MIddletons made their own money and enough of it to live well.
        3. Their daughter is not lazy. Nor is she barren — since she has three children, this statement is the height of crazy.
        4. The children are not worthless, and you are evil to call innocent children so.
        5. As to the eye color, I am a physical anthropologist ad will tell you that two parents of the same eye color will not necessarily have a child of the same eye color. You are really reaching here.
        6. HM knows the truth so well that she has made a point of placing Prince George front and center at many official photographs in the past two years. That is a visual acknowledgement that he is a direct heir.

        Do try to be a reasonably intelligent human being. You do yourself a disservice ranting like this and showing everyone how irrational, hysterical, ludicrous and idiotic you are. What good will that do your cause? If Meghan and Harry’s supporters are like this, it makes them look bad. Can they not attract intelligent people to their fold, instead of hysterical madmen? It really is not a very good look.

  10. A Master in Arts degree (MA) is much higher than an American double degree. Kate’s achievement is therefore much higher than Meghan’s.

    Kate worked in her family business, like millions on this planet. Most small businesses in the world are family owned businesses. Her family is normal one, with known friends and relatives, a father giving away the bride, (grand)children visible to the public, in short genuine.

    Meghan’s family is an estranged father, a family not invited at wedding, New Age mother with a dodgy past and a child, Archie, presumed alive, although nobody has seen him for quite some time. Meghan’s friends have been all “markled” after they were no longer of any use for her.

    Sorry, I prefer Kate and her family.

      • Only Meghan Markle could inspire such malicious people as this one. Hey everyone, HERE is the kind of person who can relate to Meghan and see in her a form of validation. THIS is the kind of person she inspires!

        Very revealing, isn’t it? Do keep on posting, Royal Relation or whoever your are. Every time you do, it strengthens everything we say.

  11. This is hardly news – this was in the press at the time, and is an own goal for the writer as it evinces that Kate received the same degree of scrutiny from the media as Meghan did. The difference – one of many – is that Kate has not set out to profit personally from her marriage. There is nothing wrong with social climbing – it all comes down to character.

    • During the engagement interview of Kate and William’s, the journalist asked Kate if she feels lucky that she was marrying William. Kate’s reply was “William is the one lucky to marry me”. Enough said.

      • Kate was right.
        Look where Meghan drove Prince Harry; he lost his military titles, his duties, his country, he is estranged from family and friends. Harry is just an appendix for Meghan’s ambitions. Harry is just an appendix for Meghan’s ambitions.
        Prince William has a normal, loving home and family and Kate is to be credited for all that.

  12. How is the uncle’s actions showing KATE’s “true colors”? Seems to me this is only showing the UNCLE’s true color opinion. And why do you feel the need to bash Kate everytime there is criticism of her sister-in-law’s hypocritical behavior? It’s not that one’s skin color that rubs people the wrong way – she had the same skin color when they all welcomed her to the country with open arms, & celebrated her wedding. It’s her behavior & disrespectful attitude since then that has turned people off. Instead of ignoring the criticism, why not help her to pay attention to it & understand what she is doing wrong? She is such a narcissist & overly confident in herself that I bet she honestly is clueless. In any event, you do a disservice to all when you toss the race card out there rather than looking objectively without bias. It’s not abt her skin color – it’s abt her showing HER true colors.

    • True. Besides, Uncle Gary as a private British citizen, has every right to call out Harry and Meghan. Uncle Gary’s paying taxes that go into H&M’s lfestyle, right? Uncle Gary’s country, the UK, is the source of the royal titles, isn’t it? Just like all British citizens have a right to call out their public figures, Uncle Gary’s got every right to have his say. His relationship to Kate does not set a limitation on his rights.

      Hey Meghan lovers, aren’t you always saying that people should use their voice? Why are you now mad that Uncle Gary is using his voice?

    • Meghan is not fouling up the Succession with 3 worthless fake royal heirs cooked up in petri dishes so a council-climbing vulgar family can enrich themselves. Wake up, people!

      • If you have proof of the three “fake royal heirs’, it is your duty to report these proofs. You have a moral AND a legal obligation. Otherwise, you are just malicious, hatemongering and GUILTY of libel. You should be in jail.

        Ditto with your statements about the rest of the Royal Family.

        Nice of you to just ignore what I said about Uncle Gary’s right to use his voice, his freedom of speech. Because, if it’s inconvenient for you, just ignore it, right?

        Truly, your post isn’t even coherent or intelligent, nor makes sense. It’s just one garbled, crazy line of rage, hate, malice, bitterness and evil.

        If you are an example of the kind of people who admire Meghan Markle, it makes me start wondering what kind of person she is that she attracts the such lowlife supporters. Where are the thoughtful, calm and classy individuals who support her? Why can’t we find them? Perhaps they don’t exist?

        Is this the way Meghan divides people then? Intelligent, rational, classy people dislike her. Hysterical, idiotic, irrational, malicious rabble love her. Guess where you fall?

  13. Very Correctly Said. And Kate’s Friend runs a sex party business that recently won a govt grant. Oh and the middleton received Money from W to renovate their home, money W gets from Crown RlEstates i. E Tax payers

  14. Thank you. Finally an article that makes sense. I can’t see how you can hate Meghan who worked her way to success vs Kate who was handed her fame by marriage. Kate is very much more manipulative than Meghan. But since she is Caucasian she does not get the criticism Meghan gets

    • Hogwash. Meghan is the same color she was when everyone in the country was adoring her. The criticism has nothing to do with her skin color. And by the way, Meghan was pretty much unknown in the US even though she was on a cable show, most people never heard of her before she got with Harry. It is Meghan who was “handed her fame by marriage.”

    • It would seem your feminist friend worked her way up with the men that were in her life. Producer husband, celebrity chef… Oh and let’s not forget Jessica,

    • julia dear Meghan slept her way to the top with Markus Anderson – she blEw him and he cornered harry for her. they are both milking him for his connection to the Queen. if you knew how to READ you would know that Megsy has ALWAYS identified as WHITE – until like the spoiled brat she is she didn’t get her way so had a fake baby, called the race card and left Britain with the title, money and stupid Harry. she could CARE LESS about you and her little minions – just as long as you keep buying all the B.S. she “merchandises”. KA-CHING KA-CHING for Megsy pocket.

    • Let’s fact check. Did Meghan work her way to success?

      1. Her uncle got her the internship in the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. Then she ghosted him.
      2. Her first husband had the contacts that helped her get the role in Suits. Then she divorced him.
      3. The Canadian chef got her into the upper echelons of Canadian society. Then she ditched him for Harry.
      4. Harry got her the royal platform, and with it wealth, titles, privileges, a global stage on which to perform.

      None of those are earned. If you are going to give Meghan a fair and accurate assessment, you should include these facts and not only those that are palatable to you.

      Also include these:
      1. She failed the Foreign Services Officer Test, which thousands of people pass every eyar. Hardly a brilliant intellectual, then.
      2. Before her role in Suits, in her late 20s, she had nothing much on her resume besides some calligraphy work. That is not the life of a successful superstar.

      In her late 20s, Kate was working in the family business, which is quite normal. Many scions of successful business start out in the family office and work their way up the ranks. So, in their mid 20s, Meghan the calligrapher and producer’s wife, was not more accomplished than Kate. I don’t know where you’re getting that baseless sense of superiority.

      What’s the proof that Kate is manipulative?

      Meghan is criticized because of her character and behavior, and not because of her race.

      • Further to your post, I want to add that Kate’s Master in Arts (MA) is a far higher intellectual achievement than the Meghan’s double Bachelor degree. A Master degree is considered a postgraduate degree while a Bachelor degree is an undergraduate degree in the academic hierarchy.

      • Niniane, well written and thank you for the information. They are much more interesting than Bernadette’s article. Bernadette is either a mm super fan or she got paid for her biased articles.

    • Let us clarify your statement, dear Julia.
      1. Meghan worked her way to “success” as a supporting actress in a not-very-famous TV series. Meghan DID NOT earn a global platform and $30 million and royal titles by sheer hard work. She MARRIED INTO IT, just like Kate.

      2. Kate’s life choices are perfectly acceptable. Many women choose to marry and raise a family, instead of pursue a career. That is a perfectly legitimate choice. If you denigrate it, then you denigrate the millions of women who have made similar choices. And you are saying tha tthere is ONLY ONE path acceptable for women. Since we are in an age of freedom, you are clearly in the wrong.

      3. What is your proof that Kate is manipulative? Kate has never put a foot wrong, since she came into the public sphere, even before marriage. Kate has never received more than her due. To be manipulative is to scheme to get something that isn’t yours. But everything that Kate has is rightfully hers. If she’s manipulative, she doesn’t seem to have profited by it very much.

      4. Kate was plenty criticized before marriage and in the early years of their marriage. However, nobody defended her because she is Caucasian, and white women don’t get the same kind of defensive kickback as black or biracial women do. You can actually be really mean to a white woman and nobody will bat an eye, but try to be just a little thoughtless to a black woman and your career could end. That is how prejudiced the world is against white people these days.

      5. Blaming race also acquits Meghan of all the wrong she’s done. Saying that Meghan is criticized because of her race, is the same as saying MEghan did nothing wrong. Well, Meghand did PLENTY wrong. And by ignoring her misdeeds, you are being unust to the British. You are defaming, insulting and unjustly victimizing an entire nation, and all because you have a personal agenda, and you are racially prejudiced against anyone not black. You are full of hate, and you want to sow hatred.

      Well, it’s not going to wash. We weren’t racist towards Meghan then, and we aren’t now. She wronged us, and that’s a fact that won’t go away just because it’s inconvenient for your narrative. Or Meghan’s.


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