I’m Glad PS5 Game Prices Are Getting More Expensive

Let's face it: PS5 and Xbox Series X games are going to be more expensive than we've come to expect. Here's why that's not a bad thing.

A $60 ceiling on game prices was never sustainable. A change is long overdue. | Source: Ascannio/Shutterstock.com

  • The gaming community has uncovered more evidence that PS5 and Series X game prices will blow past the $60 mark.
  • Given the revenue-generating schemes publishers have adopted to offset rising game budgets, this is not a bad thing.
  • Gamers should be relieved to see next-gen prices trending higher.

After remaining capped at $60 for multiple console generations, new game prices are set to spiral higher when the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X launch this year.

NBA 2K21 confirmed the long-rumored news with a $70 price tag, and we can expect other games will buck longstanding pricing conventions too.

New evidence suggests the new generation won’t merely raise the price “cap” to $70. Some titles might cost $65, while others could stretch to $80 or $90 – especially if a new listing “leak” is accurate.

PS5 Game Prices Are Going Up – Maybe More Than You Think

As first revealed by LetsGoDigital, Dutch retailer Bol.com listed titles like Horizon 2 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales at €74.99. That converts to $85, a whopping $25 more than current full-priced games.

The price could be a placeholder, but there’s little doubt it hints that we’ll see game prices exceed $70 when the new generation arrives.

PlayStation 5 game prices look high. Will they be worth it? | Source: Bol.com via LetsGoDigital

Despite what you may think, this is not a bad thing for gamers.

As former PlayStation executive Shawn Layden has warned, the current state of game development isn’t sustainable.

There’s a reason microtransaction use has exploded. It’s the same reason an infuriating amount of “basic” content gets slapped with a “premium” label and restricted to players willing to pay for a “deluxe” edition.

Developers either need more money, or they need to cut their budgets.

Something tells me the latter isn’t likely.

Will Consoles Go Cheap to Offset Rising Game Prices?

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X promise immersive experiences, unlike anything we’ve seen.

Those experiences come with a price tag, and it’s unrealistic to expect a new PS5 game will cost as much as a new PS3 title did a decade ago.

If you want more power, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Luckily, there might be a silver lining. Rumor has it that the PS5 console won’t be as expensive as most analysts expected. According to an alleged leak of a Nielsen pricing survey, the digital-only version of the device could be as cheap as $323.

Even if the final console prices do exceed that price-point, budget-conscious gamers can take advantage of subscription services like Game Pass and PS Now rather than purchasing new titles on launch day.

Let’s face it: A $60 ceiling on game prices was never sustainable. A change is long overdue. With the advent of a new hardware generation, the timing is right. We might as well embrace it.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:02 PM

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