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PlayStation 5 Aims First Xbox Punch With Early Price Reveal

Sony might one-up Xbox with a PlayStation 5 price reveal ahead of Microsoft's big rumored event later this month.

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Max Moeller
July 6, 2020 7:15 AM
  • We’re still waiting on a PlayStation and Xbox price reveal.
  • Xbox should be this month, but will PlayStation steal the thunder?
  • How confident is either company in their new console?

Six months out from the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 holiday release window, we’re still unsure of a price or date. With speculation of higher-priced titles and multiple console models, the lack of a price reveal is making gamers anxious.

PlayStation 5 May Fire First Against Xbox Series X

Chances are Xbox’s reveal event has a late July date. There’s no E3 this year, so Microsoft is expected to focus on Halo: Infinite, new features, and a price and release date for the Xbox Series X. We might see a Lockhart reveal in the process as well.

If this is true, Sony might one-up Xbox with an earlier price reveal on July 13th.

According to business analyst Roberto Serrano, his sources have floated this date around for some time. Could Sony be that confident in its hardware? Will the PlayStation 5 steal Xbox’s thunder before its chance to shine?

Will the PlayStation 5 price hit under $499? | Source: Twitter

Serrano also notes the news could drop beforehand, and there won’t be an event. PlayStation may reveal the price in a PS Blog, like it did with the new DualSense controller.

Why believe him? Serrano previously revealed the original PlayStation 5 event date before it was confirmed. He could be right again.

But What is The Price?

While that doesn’t give us a price just yet, a new Nielsen survey might provide some insight.

Reddit user u/youessbee claims his recent survey asked his thoughts on two PlayStation 5 price tags: £349 for the normal and £259 for the disc-less. This converts to $435 and $323, respectively.

PlayStation 5 Price
Reasonably priced consoles, for sure. | Source: Reddit

Those price tags sound low, but youessbee notes they’ve done similar surveys before, and product prices are generally 20% higher upon release. While not exact math, adding 20% to both prices hits near a $499 and $399 price tag. This sounds more likely.

Even if game prices shoot up, this could mean a reasonably priced console after all. Let’s see if Xbox can compete.