HYPER, a Cryptocurrency for Gaming

Giulio Prisco @giulioprisco
5 years ago

The HYPER decentralized currency project announced new developments. HYPER is a peer-to-peer digital currency that rewards users who “stake” their wallets by issuing compound interest, with settlement times 20x faster than Bitcoin.

The announcement states:

“The currency’s multi-stage economic model incentivizes users to keep their wallet clients running on regular desktops and laptops, which is what enables this currency to be so decentralized. Transactions are processed and verified by true peers, not by wealthy mining interests.”

HYPER is an alt coin for use in online games, emerging virtual worlds, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)  games, simulations and more. It’s designed to be an open source currency catered specifically to the needs of game environments. Players will be able to buy game assets (for example weapons) for HYPER, and be paid for achievements.

Tangible Rewards for Gamers

The HYPER team plans to add monetary value to leaderboards: besides ego gratification, top scorers will receive real rewards that can be converted to Bitcoin at the Bittrex exchange. They run Counter Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers where anyone can join and earn HYPER by defeating other players and bots. Other multiplayer games supported are Zandagort (a cult space MMO strategy game “resurrected” by the team), and a special custom written RPG mod of Minecraft.

HYPER announced upcoming game servers for World of Warcraft Arena, Team Fortress 2, and Just Cause 2. They are also developing a new MMO space strategy game in which players will construct an intergalactic empire, and earn HYPER.

With team members in North America, Europe, and Asia, HYPER is a truly decentralized currency project anyone anywhere can participate in. They announced that, in the weeks ahead, a number of payment gateways will become available, making it easy for gamers to buy HYPER with USD using any major credit card and PayPal. For the time being, U.S. exchange Bittrex.com is the most popular market for buying or selling HYPER. Soon, U.S. exchanges CoinMKT and AltMarket will also offer HYPER trading on their platforms.

The HYPER team runs two separate websites with separate domain names: hyper.cash and hypercrypto.com. Another good source of information is the official HYPER thread on bitcointalk, which is frequently updated, and the HYPER Twitter feed.

Images from HYPER project and Valve.

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