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Hillary Clinton Lied When She Called Drunk Pelosi ‘Sexist Trash’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:43 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:43 PM

By CCN.com: Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump and his “cronies” over the infamous drunk Nancy Pelosi video, calling it “sexist trash.” Clinton even suggested the incumbent president’s decision to tweet the Pelosi video is evidence that he is “running scared.”

Let’s not mince words: She lied.

The Bizarre Logic Behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘Drunk Pelosi’ Attack

Clinton tweeted a section of her speech from a Harris County Democratic rally on Saturday. In the clip, Hillary said the Pelosi video was a product of sexism. She said :

“Just look at what’s happened in the last twenty-four hours. The President and his cronies have been running around, spreading a doctored video of Nancy Pelosi. Now, it is sexist trash…but, it is also a sign that Trump is running scared.”

First of all, the “Drunk Pelosi” video was merely slowed down by 25% – a feature available to anyone on YouTube. Hardly “doctoring,” and clearly identifiable as belonging to the “meme class” of videos. The video  has been scrubbed from most platforms except Facebook, but by reducing the speed of the original video above, you get a similar effect.

Secondly, why is the video, as Clinton says, “sexist trash?” Was Chris Morris’ “doctoring” of George Bush speeches  in the early 2000s also sexist? What about the endless memes made about Barack Obama and Donald Trump on YouTube?

The only way the Pelosi video qualifies as sexist is if Hillary secretly harbors the notion that women really are problem-drinkers. We know not to judge people based on arbitrary factors they can’t help. Perhaps Hillary, not Trump, is the actual sexist.

Clinton: If You Believe in Rule of Law, Hold Donald Trump to Account

Had Clinton delivered this speech in front of Donald Trump himself, there would have been ample opportunity for the president to exercise some of his vicious comebacks. Clinton went on to tell her audience:

“So if you believe in the rule of law, and the responsibility we all have to hold our leaders accountable – you cannot relent on this front either.”

If enough people believed in the rule of law, Hillary, you’d be in jail. Unfortunately, even the political class in Washington has been made apathetic by the ongoing shenanigans of the Clinton crime family.

Here we also see another attempt to politicize left-wing voters to an even greater extent than they have been already. Many young people probably don’t remember a time when politics wasn’t the sole focus of their lives. In all likelihood, they never will – so long as the liberal propaganda machine keeps them angry, ignorant, and victimized.

The Truth Is… Hillary Isn’t That Stupid

hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton isn’t really that stupid. | Source: Shutterstock

During the election campaign leading up to Trump’s 2016 win, Hillary Clinton frequently told listeners they should vote for her based on gender alone.

Bear in mind folks, this is a Yale-educated, career politician, who has had access to the uppermost reaches of culture, education, and information her entire life. Does anyone honestly believe she buys into the social-justice propaganda she pushes in public?

The truth is even worse. Hillary knows that “because I’m a woman…” is no reason to vote for anyone. The voters she weaponizes with her left-wing soundbites are the same ones she’s been fooling for years now. Clinton’s loudest siren call is nothing but virtue signaling to a gallery she herself looks down upon.

As for Donald Trump running scared: This is a man who donates his salary to charity every quarter, fills out every stadium he sets foot in, and is on track for another landslide win in 2020, despite the best efforts of Joe Biden .

This is a man who speaks his mind and has frequently rebuffed both sides of the political establishment, regardless of the slings and arrows it draws.

Donald Trump is many things; scared he is not.