Ghost of Tsushima’s Massive Scale Deserves a PlayStation 5 Release

The highly-anticipated single-player 'Ghost of Tsushima' is a PlayStation exclusive that would be better served for the PlayStation 5.
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December 21, 2019 1:57 PM UTC
  • Ghost of Tsushima is the biggest game that developer Sucker Punch Productions has made.
  • The game could be wasted on the PS4’s technology.
  • Confirmed PS5 features make the console great for games like Ghost of Tsushima.

Officially, Sucker Punch Productions’ Ghost of Tsushima will be a PlayStation 4 release. However, the game may be wasted on the old hardware which was criticized for being as weak as low-end PCs when it was released in 2013.

Sucker Punch, which also developed the inFamous games, told the PlayStation Blog that Ghost of Tsushima is “the biggest game Sucker Punch has ever made by a wide margin.” The game’s new trailer “includes some quick glimpses of the vibrant, diverse open world you’ll get to explore, but we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

It’s unclear why Sony isn’t asking Sucker Punch to develop the game for the PlayStation 5. The PS5’s SSD offers games that load much faster, allowing developers to make larger games with more detail that players can get into quickly. The console’s power also means that PS5 games will look incredible. Ghost of Tsushima has looked very good in trailers, but fans may ask how much better it could look if it was released on PS5.

It would also be a great way to show what the PS5 can do. Ghost of Tsushima, which allows players to navigate to different parts of Japan, looks so good that the developers haven’t put waypoints in it to encourage exploration. That’s the sort of game that could get people buying a console.

Ghost of Tsushima is quickly shaping up among PlayStation’s most-anticipated releases in 2020. | Source: YouTube/PlayStation

It’s unclear if Sony is developing an open-world game like Ghost of Tsushima for PS5. Godfall is the only confirmed PS5 launch title. However, if this is what a developer can get from the PS4, other Sony developers may be making something much bigger for PS5.

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