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PlayStation 5 Leak Hints Prioritizing The Last of Us 2 & Ghost of Tsushima

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM

According to a new leak , Sony is gearing up for cross-generational support on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles for its two upcoming standout exclusives, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.

Leak Hints at PS5 Release for The Last of Us 2 & Ghost of Tsushima
The Last of Us Part II is PlayStation 4’s most-anticipated release before the next generation. | Source: Naughty Dog

A Pinch Of Salt

The leak emanates from 4Chan and, therefore, must be handled with the necessary precautions. If genuine, it sheds light on how Sony plans to bridge the two PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 generations via flagship releases. As always, with these types of leaks, the writing isn’t of the highest order and attempts to match corporate lingo with varying degrees of success, which immediately raises some red flags. It’s not the first time we’ve had similar rumors coming from 4Chan either.

The leak reads;

In order to get a greater impact of value on the market, Sony’s marketing leaders have demanded much stronger support for its two main flagship software for fiscal year 2020, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, in order to fully exploit this great event, and also by virtue of the large financial investments made by the company to guarantee the best possible performance of the two games, especially on the new generation console.

The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima

Now, what could this mean in practical terms? The most obvious manifestation of cross-generational support would be a release on both platforms.

The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to launch on Feb. 21, 2020, more or less a year ahead of the PlayStation 5. Orchestrating a cross-generational PS5 version a la Grand Theft Auto V  could not only keep the title in the gaming limelight but act as a strong impetus for players to invest in the new system. We could also see the standalone multiplayer version of The Last of Us Part II Naughty Dog mentioned late last month launch on the PlayStation 5.

As for Ghost of Tsushima, the prospects are a lot murkier. With no firm release date or even window to speak of, it’s hard to know whether this means a launch on both platforms or if Sony is planning to release the game exclusively on the PlayStation 5, possibly as a launch title. In any case, we are due some news after Sony let us down at the Tokyo Game Show.


The leak also mentions a renewed focus on virtual reality, notably a rumored PSVR 2 prototype, with plans to knuckle down on marketing prep work in anticipation of an unveiling of the new peripheral presumably next year or parallel to the launch of the PlayStation 5.