Gears 5 is Free Until Sunday – That’s Plenty of Time to Beat the Game

Gears 5 is free on Steam and the Windows Store until this Sunday meaning there’s plenty of time to beat it before the offer runs out.

Gears 5

Xbox exclusive 'Gears 5' is now free, albeit temporarily, for Steam and Windows 10 gamers. | Source: Xbox

  • Gears 5 is free on Steam and the Windows Store until this Sunday Apr. 12.
  • With a run time of between 10 to 20 hours, there’s more than enough time to beat it before the offer runs out.
  • Developer The Coalition has recently pushed out a number of updates including a new reverse capture-the-flag-like multiplayer mode dubbed Gridiron.

Gears 5 is currently free as part of the Xbox Free Play Days until Apr. 12. That’s right, one of, if not the best, Xbox exclusive, is playable for absolutely nothing.

Gears 5 Free On Steam Until Sunday

Microsoft usually limits its Free Days bonanza to a free limited time copy and online play between Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

This time around, Microsoft is spreading the love far and wide. Gears 5 is available on both Steam and the Windows Store for those that prefer to avoid the Xbox eco-system or don’t own an Xbox One.

Source: The Coalition

The timing is pretty ideal. Let’s face it – most of us are stuck at home with a lot of time on our hands. The old coronavirus having confined us to our homes as more countries impose lockdown measures to curb the spread of infection.

Plenty of Time To Beat The Game

Blasting through Gears 5 main story and even partaking in a spot of multiplayer should be more than feasible between now and Sunday.

The main story takes around 10 hours to complete if you avoid any extras, while a completionist run racks up to just shy of 20 hours. With five days left until the campaign ends, there’s more than enough time to experience everything Gears 5 has to offer.

Gears 5 is well worth the time invested too, with one of the more realized takes on the Gears universe and a thrilling multiplayer component.

There’s plenty of fresh content to discover too.

Developer The Coalition also recently pushed out a new update that introduces a new multiplayer mode dubbed Operation 3: Gridiron.

A twist on the classic capture the flag format with a football theme thrown in, Gridiron sees players fight it out over snappy two-minute rounds to carry a neutral flag into the opposing team’s end zone.

There you have it. A free copy of Gears 5. Thanks, Microsoft.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:49 PM
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