GAW Miners Facing Lawsuit from Customers & Former Fans

April 22, 2015 23:20 UTC

It seems the legal troubles for Josh Garza and GAW Miners have only just begun. Last week, CCN reported that Mississippi Power was suing Geniuses at Work for more than $300,000 in unpaid electrical bills.

Now, disenfranchised investors and dissatisfied customers have decided to pursue the idea of a potential legal option, with the creation of a website under the direction of one Dave Fisher. The seemingly rushed legal hub reads, in part:

Josh Garza personally & Gaw Miners & its employees has defrauded dozens of thousands of invetors of dozens of million of dollars. they have promised a solid $20 minimum price for XPY when paybase opened – THEY LIED! […] they sold hashlets that were “FOREVER” never expiring never obsolete always profitable – ALL LIES!

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

In fact, the lies told to customers and Paycoin (XPY) investors go much deeper than this website insinuates. A list was compiled on a recent article in CCN which entailed no less than two dozen tall tales told to hype GAW’s products and sponsored cryptocurrency. Erstwhile, it has been revealed that GAW has been under investigation the Securities and Exchange Commission since at least December, around the time the Wall Street Journal was covering them enthusiastically.

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The future looks bleak for Homero Josh Garza, but this did not prevent him from only very recently announcing a second version of “Paybase,” the online wallet most Paycoin users wound up using since the desktop version was notoriously buggy. Those interested in helping Dave Fisher create a class action movement against GAW and its various subsidiaries, associates, and employees may contact him directly via

CCN will keep up with this developing story.

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