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FuelCoin Price Steps on the Gas

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Josiah Wilmoth
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

FuelCoin  is an altcoin with an ambitious mission–to educate the mainstream public about cryptocurrency–and an idealistic motto–“fuel your dreams.” Recently, the FuelCoin price has been increasing at a rapid pace. However, investors should be wary of this altcoin price rise.

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FuelCoin Price Steps on the Gas

Since its release in August, the FuelCoin price remained stable at ~400 satoshis, which gave the altcoin a relatively low market cap of ~$80,000. However, recently the FuelCoin price has stepped on the gas–causing the coin to rev its engines and rise in the market cap rankings.

In mid-October, the FuelCoin price began to increase. By October 25, the FuelCoin price had doubled to more than 800 satoshis. Within the next week, the FuelCoin price had more than doubled again, hitting the 2,000 satoshi mark on November 1.

But the FuelCoin price rise was not finished. On November 5, the FuelCoin price reached 2,600 satoshis. The next day, it rose to ~4,000. The FuelCoin price continued to increase over the next three days, settling at 5,398 satoshis at press time. FuelCoin now has a market cap of ~$1.5 million, placing it 20th on the market cap charts.

FuelCoin price November 8
The FuelCoin price increased by more than 150% in the past week. The current FuelCoin price is 5,398 satoshis. Chart from CoinMarketCap .


Rapid altcoin price rises such as this captivate investors and cause them to see dollar signs–or in this case satoshis signs. However, these price rises also cloud many investors’ judgment, causing them to make illogical investing decisions. The present FuelCoin price wave seems like another altcoin pump and dump. Investors should proceed with caution and avoid letting greed impair their judgment.

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