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Free Version of Fallout 76 on Steam Won’t Save This Terrible Game

William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • Fallout 76 is finally coming to Steam.
  • The game will be available for free to anyone who already owns it via Bethesda.net.
  • While this is a good move, it doesn’t undo all of the terrible moves that have preceded it.

Do you guys remember Fallout 76? It was that raging dumpster fire that Bethesda barfed out back in late 2018. Well, it’s still going for some reason. And, for once, they’re doing something good for their players.

If you currently own Fallout 76 on Bethesda.net, you can now get a free copy of the game on Steam . All you have to do is link your account to Steam, and the game will appear in your account.

This is terrific news for the eight people who still care about Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 - Fallout 1st Subscription
While the newest move surrounding Fallout 76 is nice, we shouldn’t forget all of the bad steps made before this. | Source: Fallout 1st 

Fallout 76 Should Have Been On Steam From Day 1

Bearing in mind all of the shady stuff that Bethesda did surrounding the launch of Fallout 76, it’s hard to see the game’s absence from Steam as anything more than a method of controlling their player base. After all, it was much harder to get a refund on Bethesda.net than Steam. Hence that class-action lawsuit .

Now that things appear to be dying down, it only makes sense to bring the game to Steam. After all, Bethesda needs as many people to buy Fallout 76 as possible. If you don’t own the game, how are you going to throw away your life-saving at the in-game atomic shop?

Snarky comments aside, it is good to see Bethesda trying to do something helpful for the fans of their awful game. But they’re unlikely to win back all those hearts that they lost.

Bethesda Has Never  Been a Great Company

It’s quite shocking how well-liked Bethesda was before Fallout 76. They had a bad habit of releasing bug-riddled games that were barely completed. Despite this, everyone seemed to love their games. Myself included.

Fallout 76
This might be the best compliment Fallout 76 has ever received. | Source: Twitter 

Looking back, it’s hard to understand why. Maybe it was the open-ended nature of the games or the celebrity voices. It certainly wasn’t the stories that got us hooked, at least not the main one.

Either way, maybe this new move is a sign of change coming to Fallout 76. Unless it’s a whole lot of change, I doubt this will become a game worth playing. But, we should encourage companies when they make the right move. Let’s just try not to forget all of the anti-consumer moves that they made before this.

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