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Final Fantasy VII Remake Squashes Pandemic Fears to Land April Launch

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • Square Enix confirms Final Fantasy VII will release as planned on April 10.
  • Americas and Europe CEO Phil Rogers says Square Enix anticipates delivery complications in select markets.
  • Square Enix is aiming to get the game in the hands of players from day one

Square Enix has taken steps to reassure would-be players of Final Fantasy VII Remake that the game is still on course for its April release date.

Final Fantasy VII To Release In April As Planned

Square Enix CEO in the Americas and Europe, Phil Rogers, has penned a statement published on the publisher’s web site . In the message, Rogers was quick to assuage players concerned that the coronavirus pandemic may affect the release of Final Fantasy VII. Square Enix plans to release the highly-anticipated as intended on April 10.

We know that many of our fans are looking forward to the upcoming release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, and we want to reassure everyone that we are still moving forward with an April 10 release date.

Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Release as Planned
Source: Square Enix

Rogers’ note also strikes a cautionary note. Square Enix aims for the game to be the hands of players from day one. Nevertheless, the publisher anticipates supply chain disruptions in certain markets and says that delivery issues are increasingly likely. The subtext is that pre-orders may be affected.

He also notes that physical stores may close as a consequence of lockdown efforts hindering access to the game.

We are in constant contact with our distribution and retail partners and are actively monitoring the situation for distribution of Final Fantasy VII Remake. As we receive more information about specific country-level distribution details, we will update you.

A Trend Moving Forward

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted numerous industries and the daily lives of people across the globe. Concerns about whether upcoming games will suffer unforeseen delays have naturally surfaced.

With a release date very much on the horizon, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first big-name 2020 release with the potential to be affected.

We’re likely to see a trend of publishers either reassuring players or announcing coronavirus-linked delays in the months ahead.