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FIFA 20 Leak: Everything You Need to Know Before Sept. 12 Demo

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:59 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:59 PM

A leak surfaced  on Reddit purporting to show details of the upcoming demo for this year’s iteration of EA’s perennial soccer sim, FIFA 20 , in the form of a promo shot featuring Real Madrid midfielder Eden Hazard.

A closer look at the leaked image reveals much about we can expect to learn about the yet-to-be-announced FIFA 20 demo.

EA FIFA 20 Demo Details Leaked On Reddit, Includes Volta
This leaked image reveals several details about the upcoming FIFA 20 demo. | Source: Reddit

FIFA 20 Demo Will Drop on Sept. 12

Despite the blurriness of the numerals, the leak suggests the FIFA 20 demo will go live on Sept. 12 and features the logos of no less than ten playable clubs:

  • Liverpool
  • Real Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Paris St Germain
  • Roma
  • Manchester City
  • Vissel Kobe
  • LAFC
  • Athletico Madrid
  • Club America

Juventus is an unsurprising omission, with Konami’s rival soccer franchise Pro Evolution Soccer picking up the rights to Cristiano Ronaldo’s club.

FIFA 20 Demo Should Feature Volta

More interestingly, the promo shot appears to show soccer stars Eden Hazard, Jadon Sancho, and Raheem Sterling in an urban setting. This hints at one of the most anticipated additions to FIFA 20, the Volta mode , making it into the demo.

The Volta mode catapults players into a modernized re-imagining of the classic FIFA Steet mode, long since missing from the most recent FIFA titles. Expect quick-fire matches, smaller pitches scattered in locations around the world like Paris and Buenos Aires, new arcade-like rules, and a focus on dribbling skills.

Alongside the presumed Volta shot is a picture of a nondescript stadium, which hints at a normal Quick Match mode, the likes of which we’ve seen in nearly all past FIFA demos.

Why This EA Leak Looks Authentic

fifa 20 volta
The FIFA 20 demo should allow us to try out the highly-anticipated Volta mode. | Source: EA/Facebook

As leaks go, this one looks authentic. There’s little to question other than inconsistencies in the text that can be put down to the low resolution of the image.

The Sept. 12 release date also correlates with EA’s pattern of releasing demos approximately two weeks before the full game. Last year, the demo for FIFA 19 dropped on Sept. 13.

Only the PlayStation 4 logo is emblazoned on the leaked promo shot, but in all likelihood, we can expect the demo to land on Xbox One and PC simultaneously.

The full version of FIFA 20 launches for the above platforms, as well as Nintendo Switch, on Sept. 27.