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Cringeworthy DOOM Movie Trailer Looks Like a Student Film Project

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:54 PM
Tiago Manuel
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:54 PM

By CCN.com: Did you know there’s a movie adaptation of the classic video game DOOM on its way? You probably didn’t. We don’t blame you for it, and we apologize in advance for letting you know like this.

But the second teaser trailer just dropped, in all its cringeworthy glory.


Bethesda Disowns Cringeworthy DOOM Movie

The first trailer for DOOM: Annihilation came out five months ago, and the reception was brutal.

Fans disliked it so much that Bethesda, the company behind the game, made clear it had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The reboot of the classic DOOM video game series from 2016 was a massive success . The upcoming DOOM Eternal  looks like it might be even better. It should come as no surprise that someone would try to bank on DOOM’s resurgence, but no one expected anything this bad.

The reception for the second trailer has been so awful that DOOM: Annihilation’s official Twitter account resorted to re-tweeting praise from an obvious bot  with no followers or other tweets.


We won’t criticize the capabilities of the people working on the film – because we know nothing about them, but we’re disappointed at how cheap the entire production seems. Everything from the sets down to the monsters looks like they were ripped straight out of a Power Rangers episode.

Sure, a big budget and even a great lead do not guarantee a cinematic success – as evidenced by the first DOOM movie starring The Rock . But at least have the monsters in the film look more realistic than the ones in the game.

Mercifully, DOOM: Annihilation  won’t be coming soon to a theater near you. It will receive a straight-to-video release on October 1st – not that anyone actually cares.

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