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Darkcoin Finds and Fixes Darksend Privacy Bug

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Drew Cordell (@DrewjCordell)
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

darkcoinDarkcoin, an anonymous Altcoin, has recently experienced a bug with Darksend, the anonymous payment protocol that makes it almost impossible to trace transactions back to the sending address. The bug was found by Darkcointalk user Aswan and was quickly solved by the Darkcoin developers. The post on Darkcointalk  by eduffield explained:

We ask that everyone stop using Darksend for the time being until we’re able to push out a fix to an issue Aswan found. This issue comes from the way fees are paid in Darksend with the combination of the way the client tries to denominate the same amount each round. The result is the possibility to trace a transaction through Darksend. To fix this issue, we will add a mixing stage to Darksend that only mixes fee’s and we’ll have the client mix random amounts each session.

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New Features with V16

Within a matter of hours, the issue was solved, and users were once again able to send anonymous payments via Darksend. In addition to the quick bug fix, Darkcoin is developing several new features and changes in V16. New features include zero tracking fees, limited number of zero fee transactions for Masternodes, and having clients use new Masternodes for each Darksend transaction. V16.x is currently in beta ; the Darkcoin team needs people to act as Masternodes, miners, and to keep testing Darksend for bugs.

Darkcoin has once again demonstrated that they can quickly respond to bugs and provide a fix in order to preserve the privacy of users. Darkcoin provides a level of anonymity that Bitcoin doesn’t and has appealed to many crypto users as the currency of choice in terms of privacy. While Bitcoin transactions are tied to an address, Darksend allows Darkcoin transactions to be extremely anonymous. Darkcoin’s anonymous technology has sparked a demand for more privacy in cryptocurrency transactions. While Darkcoin is ideal for crime, it also has great utility for normal people who want to send coins anonymously for non-criminal reasons. Darkcoin’s developers continue to roll out new features and enhancements onto the infrastructure of Darkcoin making it a very strong and viable cryptocurrency for a wide variety of people.

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Disclaimer: The author has no holdings in Darkcoin.

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