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Dark Souls’ Crazy Numbers Prove Difficult AAA Games Are Still Alive

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
  • The Dark Souls series recently reached over 27 million sales.
  • FromSoftware tweeted about the figures, resulting in an outpouring of love from fans.
  • This milestone should show them that there is a lot of life still left in the series.

Dark Souls has been one hell of a series. From a relatively humble beginning, arguably starting with Demon Souls, the series has become a monolith.

FromSoftware recently shared the fact that the entire series had hit over 27 million sales . As well as thanking all of the players. As you might expect, fans poured loved and praise upon the company in the replies.

Clearly, love for Dark Souls is still as strong now as it was back when the series started back in 2011.

Dark Souls - Sales Tweet
The original tweet about the sales of the series contained a thank you message which was repeated back by many fans in the replies. | Source: Twitter 

Dark Souls Was Basically an Anthology Series

Looking back at the Dark Souls trilogy it’s easy to see why so many people love it. The games were tough as nails in the gameplay department. But, beneath the surface gameplay level, the games contained a deep and involving lore told through environmental storytelling .

One thing the series definitely didn’t have, was a deep sense of connection. All 3 of the games take place either geographically or chronologically far apart. So they all feel like almost entirely separate experiences.

It is because of that lack of connection that Dark Souls can be so long-lived. The really important thing about the series isn’t any specific story. It’s all about how the story is told and how well the gameplay works. That’s why ‘Soulslike’ became a genre.

More Games In This Style Wouldn’t Harm The Originals

FromSoftware is already working on their next game. So far, we don’t know much about the upcoming Elden Ring. One thing we do know is that it seems like the game is heading back towards a more ‘Dark Souls’ style of gameplay.

Hopefully, this is a sign that FromSoftware isn’t done with the Souls Series. There is some concern that more games in the series would devalue it somehow.

Honestly, as long as Miyazaki sticks around as game director, then I’m sure that pretty much anything they create will fit the Dark Souls legacy admirably.