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CNN To Talk Bitcoin Today on Twitter After Running Headline ‘Is Bitcoin Over?’

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

CNNTechCNN plans to host a Twitter live chat on their handle @CNNTech  today to debate the future of Bitcoin.

To promote the event, CNN has continued to run the headline “Is Bitcoin Over?” in response to the quickly dropping bitcoin price over the past year. The dropping price is normally seen as an indicator of health to people outside the bitcoin community, so it makes sense that this would be a topic for discussion.

To quickly answer their question though, no. Bitcoin is not over; it lost value over time. Places like Factom and other blockchain technology companies are building off of bitcoin to show that the possibilities are far more wide-reaching than day-trading and financial gain.

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CNN Panelists Range From Biased to Credible

Among the cavalcade of panelists looking to debate “What’s Next For Bitcoin?” is Jeffrey Robinson, author of the book “Bitcon: The Naked Truth of Bitcoin.” The book is clearly anti-bitcoin. What’s more interesting is the book description that tackles head on all the negative reviews it received.

Robinson states that his book is on that the bitcoin world does not want you to read, and he believes the bitcoin community will say whatever it takes to sway you from reading it.

“Just look at every negative review below. Each is the result of a concerted effort by the bitcoin ‘faithful’ to keep you from discovering the truth. And that truth is this: In the global scheme of economic phenomena, bitcoin turns out to be a non-event.”

Regardless of whether or not the book contains any relevant information against bitcoin, Robinson will play the part of the anti-bitcoin panelist for CNN today.

Opposite of him is Dug Campbell, show runner of the Scottish Bitcoin Meet Up and speaker at a TEDx talk in 2014 titled “Bitcoin: More Than Just Money.” Campbell is not Roger Ver in the area of evangelism, but he’ll play the pro-bitcoin panelist.

That leaves the people in the middle. Adam Levitin is a professor at Harvard Georgetown Law Center specializing in financial regulation. Next is Tony Watts, a lawyer specializing in financial services and banking.

Finally, the two wild-cards for the panel are Daniel Mark Harrison, editor for competing news source Coinspeaker, and Ben Doernberg, the researcher on internet and society at Harvard and a proclaimed Bitcoin expert. Doernberg was also a critical key component in exposing the MooPay LTD CEO Alex Green as alleged internet scammer Ryan Kennedy earlier this year.

After being exposed by Doernberg, it was realized that Green had total control of nearly 4000 bitcoins from the MintPal cold storage vaults. Green has not returned any of the funds and has since vanished since the end of November.

CCN.com plans to cover the CNN Bitcoin panel, reporting on major points of discussion. For those that cannot see the debate take place, CCN.com will cover a recap.

Images from CNN and Wikimedia Commons.