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Bitcoin Exchange CEO Alex Green Exposes Himself as Scammer Ryan Kennedy

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Four days ago, Jackson Palmer and Ben Doernburg leaked information that bitcoin exchange CEO Alex Green could be long-time internet scammer Ryan Kennedy. At the time, the only evidence presented was based on correlation and no fact.

Following their accusations, a former lover came forth claiming that Alex Green was, in fact, her partner as Ryan Kennedy. Another victim of Kennedy scams came forward after, who claimed he had Kennedy arrested in 2013 for fraud. They also identified Alex Green to the Ryan Kennedy they knew. These claims were also followed by two leaked Deed Polls, possibly used as evidence that a man named Ryan Gentle changed his name to Ryan Kennedy.

One of the witnesses on the first Deed Poll was Elliot Szarvas, a known friend of Alex Green’s. Rumors emerged that Green was staying in Japan with Szarvas, but was unconfirmed. Only cross-referencing with social media posts gave clues proving both of them were out of the country, Szarvas confirmed to be in Tokyo, Japan.

Until now, there was an unbelievable amount of possible evidence on the side that Alex Green is long-time scammer Ryan Kennedy. There was also deafening silence from the normally outspoken Alex Green.

Now, two people close to Green as employees and friends made confessions confirming that the man they knew as Alex Green was Ryan Kennedy. COO of Moopay LTD Landon Merrill and Moopay employee Eoghan Hayes confessed that yes, Green is the same man Palmer and Doernburg accused of him.

Confessions That Alex Green Is No Doubt Ryan Kennedy

An hour before Merrill and Hayes released their confessions, Green told all the Moopay employees that he fired them after concerns that they were in legal trouble. He sent out a message over a private chat, reading the following:

Alex Green Ryan Kennedy Moolah

Landon Merrill, the chief operating officer at Moopay LTD., nearly finalized all of the suspicions that the former CEO Alex Green is Ryan Kennedy. He was the first to break the employee public silence. Merrill confessed that while they were working together at Moolah, he confirmed that Green went by the name Ryan.

“Here is what I can tell you. I knew that Alex Green went by the name Ryan in real life, to some people. I did not know that was his real name, middle name, what it was, or what it meant.”

At first, it looked like his word alone was all anyone would be able to use as an argument. While his position at the company carries an enormous amount of weight, his confession was not enough to make a link that leaves the suspicion beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Then, Eoghan Hayes released a massive confession, chronicling his business with Ryan Kennedy and Alex Green. He opened the statement saying he would refer to the individual as Ryan Kennedy, as that was the name Hayes called him regularly, laughed about when he booked a plane ticket on RyanAir and Green told him was his former name before changing his name to Alex Green using a deed poll.

Mintpal MoolahAfter the MintPal acquisition, Green began to panic. He was no longer acting as himself toward the employees. When MintPal was down longer than expected to migrate to a Version Two platform, even employees began to worry.

“Things started to unravel; it became very clear that Ryan did not want to be questioned on this case. Any staff requests were ignored – and from the support staff I have spoken to, they have all stated that they are “behind closed bars” in handling customer/merchant/investor queries. They have no access to processing refunds or checking transactions themselves; it was all handled solely by the one and only, Ryan Kennedy. Information, and conflicting stories started spreading amongst the staff members like wildfire. Tension was high.”

MintPal went up far too early, with problems throughout. Shortly after, Green surprised staff, investors and consumers by announcing that Moopay is going bankrupt. He shut MintPal down, claiming he had no control over the exchange. Blaming a “critical bug,” Green trapped more than $130,000 worth of cryptocurrency inside.

“Almost immediately after this occurred, I received a phonecall from Landon – who kept asking me to verify Ryan’s full name. I stated that “you know his name as well as I do – it’s Ryan Kennedy”. Landon asked me if I had read that off his identification, and I confirmed that I had. He then asked me if I remembered Ryan’s date of birth from seeing his passport. Now, as an admission – I am terrible for remembering birthdays. I’m truly awful at it. If it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t even know when to wish my best friends a happy birthday. However, I clearly remember commenting on the day, on the fact that our birthdays are very close to oneanother. “Should be sometime in December, and I think he’s a year older than me”, I replied with. Landon’s voice audibly sank. He asked me if I had ever heard of the surname “Gentle”. I replied that I did not.”

“Landon then linked me on to the now infamous Encyclopedia Dramatica article referencing Ryan Kennedy/Gentle (amongst other psuedonyms). He asked me to confirm that the photos posted on that page were of Ryan Kennedy. I stated that they certainly him. There is no mistaking that this is the Ryan Kennedy I know, and have met.

After all of this information came forth, Alex Green himself took to the keyboard and admitted the name change, putting all suspicions to rest.

“I will not be commenting on the majority of the allegations surrounding me, other than to say that some of the latest ones are getting rather ridiculous, and I deny the vast majority of them.”

“My name was legally changed from Ryan Kennedy to Alex Green, in an attempt to start my life over and have some peace.”

Green then announced that Moopay LTD was insolvent, blaming another “bug” in the system. No proof was provided to verify this, but Green claims Moopay will enter into liquidation.

No one knows where he is currently. There are reports that he is still in Japan, but there are also reports that he is in the United Kingdom.

The United States Department of Justice, along with the Securities and Exchange Commission, are currently in pursuit of Alex Green. Coinfire confirmed this information, also confirming with CCN.com that they have a contact within the divisions of the United States government.

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Alex Green’s Employee’s Fate Unknown

One of the details still in limbo is the fate of the employees that worked under Green and their overall involvement in the evolving scandal. As Palmer mentioned above, his hope is that the employees come forward to open more context and that he stresses that they are victims themselves in the matter.

In Merrill’s confession, he made it clear that he cannot speak on their behalf but that they all are completely innocent in his eyes. The only one Merrill seemed unsure about is an employee named Chelsea Hopkins, who is also on the owner documentation of the holding company of MintPal. He said he doubted she knew, but if she did then she did an excellent job of hiding it. Chelsea had more interaction with Green than Merrill, but he said it did not imply that she knew.

After Merrill’s information became public, Palmer gave CCN.com his sentiment on the matter:

“It really clears the air to see the COO of Moolah come out and admit that “Alex Green” did indeed go by the name Ryan privately. Landon’s statement also helps demonstrate how oblivious the employees of Moolah were to their CEO’s tainted past. My hope is that other employees come forward with their stories to better help give context to the matter. Everyone was the victim of Ryan Kennedy, including consumers, merchants, investors, and employees themselves.”

“In Green’s statement to the public after all the information was made public, he defended employees and shareholders. He says there is no criminal wrongdoing on their behalf and asks for people to not attack them.”

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