Christina Anstead Hits Back at Haters – But is She a ‘Deadbeat Mom’?

  • Christina Anstead has come under fire from her fanbase, who claims that she’s a “deadbeat mom.”
  • Recently, she took to Instagram to fire back against those claims.
  • But is she, really, what she’s being accused of?

Christina Anstead wants you to know that she’s a good mother.

The “Flip or Flop” and “Christina on the Coast” star took to Instagram to blast fans who claimed that she was a “deadbeat mother.” The claims, apparently, came after her extensive fandom had noticed that she was posting fewer and fewer photos of her children — both her two children with her ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, and her son with her soon-to-be ex-husband Ant Anstead.

But social media roasting aside, is there really any evidence to support claims in either direction?

Christina Anstead Insists That Instagram Is Not Real Life

By now, we’ve all heard the saying that “Instagram is not real life.” In other words, what you see on social media is an illusion, not reality.

And according to Christina Anstead, the same theory applies to her as well.

Over the weekend, Ant Anstead posted a photo of himself with Hudson, his son with Christina, on the beach. This led to an apparent onslaught of comments claiming that Christina was a “deadbeat mother.” After remaining silent on the matter, Christina Anstead took to Instagram to set the record straight in a post that you can see below.

Christina Anstead
Christina Anstead told her nearly 2 million Instagram followers that she wanted people to stop “parent shaming.” | Source: Instagram

Her caption reads, in part:

Despite what you see on Instagram most people are struggling. When I get told “you must be an absent mother because you are not with your kids” – smh wake up people. I hardly post anymore … and I def do not want to post my kids every freaking day to make it a contest of who’s a better parent. F that. This doesn’t mean I’m not with my kids – it means the opposite – I am with them- I’m present. So stop parent shaming people, stop choosing sides when there is no side to choose.

Shallow And Deadbeat Mom Are Two Different Things

By no means is anyone saying Christina Anstead is a saint. She’s more than demonstrated, in the past, that she’s shallow, petty, and only concerned with Hollywood fame.

And yes, in the past, there have been some concerns about whether she was truly “there” for her children. Even E! News had some questions, as you can see in the video below.

But based on her recent divorce filings — which were released today — that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. In fact, the Ansteads seem to be having as amicable of a divorce as one can expect, given the circumstances. According to Us Weekly, they’re seeking joint legal and physical custody of the children, they’re paying their own attorney’s fees, and neither side is seeking spousal support.

There is no shortage of deadbeat mothers in Hollywood: Zooey Deschanel, Farrah Abraham, and Courtney Love are just a few of the many mothers that have no business being mothers.

But Christina Anstead doesn’t seem to fall into that category. She may be a crappy wife, and she definitely seems high-maintenance and thirsty for fame. But that doesn’t make her a bad, or “deadbeat,” mother.

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1 thought on “Christina Anstead Hits Back at Haters – But is She a ‘Deadbeat Mom’?”

  1. Well, just looking at one of Christina’s Instagram messages where she says “F that” is a sign she is not that great a mother. Maybe they use that kind of language in California but good mothers don’t. Can you imagine Kate Middleton expressing herself that way? Then there is the way Christina dresses: like a 20 year old college girl. What decent mother does that? But I think one of the worst things she has done before her children is wearing a wedding dress so ridiculously revealing she looked like a porn star.

    As for her obsession with fame, celebrities, and money, gee, what other famous California woman do we know who thinks like that? Hint: M–han M-rk-e


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