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Chris D’Elia Faces Vile New Accusations & He Keeps Denying Them

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • More accusations have surfaced against troubled comedian Chris D’Elia.
  • According to reports, he exposed himself to at least three women.
  • Since D’Elia refuses to acknowledge what he did, he’ll continue to live in the shadows.

Chris D’Elia can’t get out of his own way. Or out of the way of women, for that matter.

According to CNN,  one actress couldn’t even drive home from a restaurant with D’Elia exposing himself to her.

If you’re one of the few people still holding out a lifeline for D’Elia’s character,  it’s time to let go.

Chris D’Elia Denies, Denies, Denies

Nobody should ever admit to something they didn’t do, and there is such a thing as due process. But the likelihood of dozens of women forming a pact to ruin the career of an ‘innocent’ comedian is incredibly unlikely.

But that is, apparently, Chris D’Elia’s story—and he’s sticking to it.

Even though, as seen below, his fellow comedians have some distrust:


In a new report from CNN, actress Megan Drust was getting a ride home from a restaurant with D’Elia in 2011.

Drust tells the story:

We are both sitting there and I’m like, ‘Where are we going?’ And Chris is leaning up against the door of the passenger side and looking at me in this really weird way and then he started to try to make flirty small talk,” she recalled. “I was very confused because it just didn’t fit the moment. Then he took down his zipper and asked me to touch him and I said, ‘What are you doing? No.’ And because I wouldn’t touch him, he started to masturbate. I couldn’t believe it.

She said he finished his business in his pants and kept being creepy.

I got back into my car, he shut the door and kind of just stood towards the hood and looked at me without saying anything and then just walked away.

Another woman claimed that D’Elia exposed himself to her in 2015 when she was 19-years-old. He allegedly exposed himself to a 24-year-old hotel manager again in 2018.

Add these accounts with the abundance of accusations thrown his way via the internet, and it’s extremely unlikely that Chris D’Elia is innocent.

D’Elia has denied accusations, and his attorney has said that the comedian “emphatically states that he has never engaged in any sexual conduct with any woman without her consent.”

It’s So Simple, But…

The reason people like Chris D’Elia and Louis CK are having such a hard time is that they refuse to fess up.

Chris Delia
Where are you, Chris? | Source: Twitter 

And let’s be clear, they were abusive, so they should have a hard time for a while. But eventually, the door to redemption could reopen. But it never will if they keep denying any wrongdoing. Because of that, they will probably never seek help. And because of that, they still need to be kept away from us.

People are willing to forgive. But the perpetrators must take the first step and admit what they’ve done. So far, Chris D’Elia has only taken steps backward.

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