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No One In the Comedy World Is Shocked by Chris D’Elia’s Predatory Allegations

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
  • Numerous women accused comedian Chris D’Elia of predatory sexual behavior on Tuesday night.
  • A large percentage of those women were underage.
  • Other comedians did not come to his defense; in fact, many ridiculed him.

If 2020 weren’t serious enough, it just got a little less funny for Comedian Chris D’Elia.

Women from all over the world have been coming out of the woodwork to claim the 40-year-old Netflix comedian was a sexual deviant.

Worse, many claimed they were teenagers when D’Elia courted them.

If that weren’t enough, his peers are showing him zero mercy on Twitter.


The Accusations Grow a Life of Their Own

Thanks to a Twitter user aptly titled “SheRatesDogs,” the allegations found a place to congregate. 

One Twitter user said D’Elia exposed himself to a hotel maintenance woman. Another posted a screenshot of an email exchange from 2015. The accuser said she was a 16-year-old high schooler during this exchange:

Yikes. | Source: Twitter 

She said her “entire Instagram was high school football games and spirit days.” Luckily for D’Elia, she said they never met up because she got a boyfriend.

There were several other creepy ‘underage’ claims, including this:

Yikes, pt. II. | Source: Twitter 

And this:

Chris D'Elia
Yikes, pt. III. | Source: Twitter 

The list goes on and on and on.

To be clear, these are all allegations. Nothing has been proven yet.

With that in mind, you’d think some comedians would come out in his defense. But no. So far, they’re coming out with pitchforks.

Chris D’Elia Gets No Love From the Comedy World

When Louis CK was outed, comedians expressed disbelief. When Aziz Ansari was accused, comedians were confused. But when Chris D’Elia was accused, comedians were like, “yeah, that makes sense.”

Comedian and Conan writer Laurie Kilmartin expressed it perfectly:

Chris D'Elia
The truth hurts. | Source: Twitter 

Former SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata gets in on the fun:

Chris D'elia
Chris fits the villain role well. | Source: Twitter 

Comedian Kenny DeForest lays it on D’Elia:

Chris Delia
Time to bring it back: yikes. | Source: Twitter 

America’s Got Talent comedian Alex Hooper, said:

Chris Delia
Karma is a weirdo. | Source: Twitter 

Many tweets pointed out the irony of Chris D’Elia playing a pedophile in several TV roles:

Chris D'Elia
Good question. | Source: Twitter 

To be fair, after searching diligently, we did find one prominent comic who seemed to acknowledge the scandal without trashing D’Elia.

Chapelle show co-creator Neal Brennan:

Neal Brennan
This post enraged many tweeters, but should it? | Source: Twitter 

One Twitter user captured a screenshot of a tweet Brennan apparently sent and deleted:

Neal Brennan
But he didn’t give this tweet due process. | Source: Twitter 

While we await the fallout of this breaking story, one thing is undeniable; whether or not you’re attracted to minors, you should be nice to your coworkers.

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