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Carson Wentz Gossip Turns Eagles Into Daytime Soap Opera

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:11 PM

After the beating the Dallas Cowboys gave the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night, fans were probably wondering how things could get worse. When they woke up Monday morning, they found out. It appears that at least one fool decided to burn his Carson Wentz jersey  following the loss, and – more significantly – Alshon Jeffery is a snitch.

The backlash to the jersey burning was furious enough that the Twitter account that posted it no longer exists. But the Alshon Jeffery debacle may be a lot harder to fix.

Anonymous Sources Never Stay Anonymous for Long

Whatever mess may or may not exist involving Jeffery stems from a Josina Anderson report. Last week, she cited an anonymous source with the Eagles as being upset the team didn’t acquire Jalen Ramsey. Bad? Yes, but what she said the next day on NFL Live was worse:

In most cases, this kind of talk could be brushed off and blamed on frustration—but it isn’t the first time it has happened. Back in January, the Philly Voice  published a report citing several anonymous team sources that were critical of the organization and specifically franchise QB Carson Wentz. Wentz was singled out as being selfish, uncompromising, and accused of playing favorites, among other things.

Several players spoke out to say the accusations were not true. But where there is smoke, there’s fire. It sure doesn’t help that this isn’t the first time Anderson has used her anonymous source:

Local Reporter Outs Alshon Jeffery as Carson Wentz-Bashing ‘Source’

During a radio appearance, local reporter Howard Eskin outed Jeffery as the anonymous source that talked to ESPN’s Anderson—wide receiver Alshon Jeffery:

Could he be telling the truth? Eskin is an official team reporter that has traveled with the team. He is around the organization often and thus possesses in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of the team. If someone was covertly throwing shade on Carson Wentz, it’s not hard to believe he knows who it is.

The circumstantial evidence was enough to prompt another Eagles reporter to ask head coach Doug Pederson about the whole mess:

It’s not a denial…

Jeffery Helps Eagles Devolve from Super Bowl Contenders to a Daytime Soap

Anderson has said Eskin doesn’t know her source, and Jeffery has denied being the source. Is he telling the truth? That is a question to which only he knows the answer. But it is also one every player in the locker room can have an opinion on.

Could this result in trouble for Jeffery? That will depend on whether his teammates believe him. But if it isn’t Jeffery, then who? Whoever it is, if the losing continues, this will not be the last we have heard from the anonymous source, who has single-handedly turned the Eagles into a daytime soap opera.