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Lou Holtz Is a Cringe-Fest: Someone Cancel Him for His Own Good

Lou Holtz's "hot take" on canceling the college football season could not have been more cringy. We need to cancel him - for his own good.

  • As annoying as the “Cancel Culture” can be, it has a chance to punish someone who really needs canceling, Lou Holtz.
  • After getting roasted for comparing the Normandy invasion during WWII to playing football once before, he did it again.
  • Holtz no longer deserves anyone’s attention.

At one time, Lou Holtz ranked among the best college football head coaches in the country. During his time as an ESPN analyst, he was… okay. If only he’d stayed out of the spotlight when he left the network in 2015.

Holtz has a peculiar affinity for cringeworthy World War II analogies. And after his latest rant, he deserves every iota of the social media backlash.

I hate to admit it, but it’s time to #CancelLouHoltz.

Lou Holtz Reacts to Big Ten Canceling Fall CFB Season

It would be nice to pass his rant off as nothing more than the nonsensical ramblings of an 83-year old man that news networks are shamelessly exploiting for ratings. It’s not. | Source: Jordan Beesley/U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons. Image edited by

Although Holtz hasn’t been a full-time broadcaster for years, networks often bring him in for a hot take on major college football news. After the Big Ten canceled their fall football season Tuesday, Fox News dialed him up.

His argument in favor of playing was pedestrian. We’re all bored and tired of being stuck at home! It may have been childish, but it’s precisely what we’d expect from the noted Trump supporter.

It was entirely forgettable – at least until he dug into his bag of cringy analogies and pulled out the most reprehensible one.

Video: Lou Holtz compared playing college football to storming the beaches at Normandy.

I hope I don’t need to tell you that comparing the Allied forces storming the beaches of Normandy during World War II to playing college football is just wrong.

The Allied troops were not risking death so the rest of the country could have something new to watch on television on Saturday afternoons.

Come on, Coach. You are better than that.

Then Again, Maybe He’s Not

It would be nice to pass his rant off as nothing more than the nonsensical ramblings of an 83-year old man that news networks are shamelessly exploiting for ratings.

Except that he used the exact same analogy on the exact same “news” network a month ago.

Video: Lou Holtz has a strange proclivity for cringy World War II analogies.

(And don’t forget the time he dropped a Hitler reference during College Football Live in 2008.)

Twitter roasted him for his “Normandy” rant in July, and it torched his encore performance on Tuesday. It’s time the social media mob actually sharpens its collective pitchfork and “cancels” him.

Let’s be honest. The way Fox News is brazenly exploiting him, it’s for his own good.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:19 PM

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