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Welp, Donald Trump Just Killed the College Football Season

Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:19 PM
  • On Monday, Donald Trump praised a Trevor Lawrence tweet calling for the college football season to proceed.
  • College football’s immediate future was already dicey.
  • With Trump on record calling for a season, we can be sure it’s doomed.

When some people, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, get involved with something, it turns to gold. For others – like President Donald Trump – that is not the case.

It doesn’t matter if his intentions are commendable. Nor does if it even matter if he’s right. When Trump talks – or tweets – many of his critics shut down.

They immediately turn against whatever position he takes – often for no other reason than because he advocated for it. It happens all the time.

Prepare for public support for the college football season to evaporate next – because Trump just weighed in:

trump weighs in on college football season
Donald Trump tweeted out his support for the college football season, signaling its imminent doom. | Source: Twitter 

Trump Backs Trevor Lawrence – And I Bet It’s Going to Backfire

Trump’s Monday afternoon tweet was a response to an earlier post from Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence advocates for the college football season  to go on as scheduled. He wants to play – as long as student-athletes have access to “universal mandated health & safety procedures and protocols.”

After talking with stars from teams around the country, he tweeted their list of desires  with the hashtag #WeWantToPlay:

Trevor Lawrence, college football
Trevor Lawrence shared what he and many current college football stars would like to see happen this season. | Source: Twitter 

While reactions to Lawrence’s tweet have been favorable, the same has not been true of Trump’s response.

Reactions range from blaming Trump for the pandemic – and possible cancellation of the season – to making fun of him for retweeting a student.

Many of them were just derogatory – not to mention profane.

The College Football Season Is Definitely Doomed Now

One thing’s clear: If Trump’s on board with the college football season, the majority of the country won’t be.

Video: Sentiment is turning against playing college football this season.

And according to the latest rumors , the season may already be on the brink. UConn, the Big Sky Conference, and the Mid-American Conference already canceled their seasons. The Big Ten and Pac-12 are reportedly next.

Once those dominoes fall, there is a solid chance the rest of the Power Five conferences succumb to peer pressure.

That was true before Trump’s tweet – but it seems even more of a given now that he’s on their “side.”

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