#BrunoDay Campaign Cringe Shows How Far Manchester United Have Fallen

Manchester United fans are set to welcome Bruno Fernandes to the club. Their over-the-top reaction with #BrunoDay is a bit much though.
Manchester United, Man United
These are desperate times at Manchester United. | Source: AFP/Oli Scarff
  • #BrunoDay is trending on Twitter this morning in anticipation of Manchester United finally getting the drawn-out transfer over the line.
  • That a club the size of Manchester United have fans who are utterly fanboying over this one deal is cringeworthy.
  • It’ll take more than Bruno Fernandes and #BrunoDay to sort out the mess that United are in.

For Manchester United fans today is #BrunoDay it would appear. Signaling the end of the longest-running saga in the history of the world. Or at least it seems that way.

Twitter is alive with posts displaying #BrunoDay, and it looks like United fans are whipping themselves up into a frenzy over the Portuguese midfielder arriving to save the season.

Source: Twitter

The question is, is the $60 million signing really the answer to Manchester United’s prayers? I hate to sound negative, but we’ve heard this kind of thing before.

United fans have a history of getting excited by over-priced duds

Does anyone remember #MartialDay? Yeah, that was a thing for a while. Not so much now mind you.

The list of United signings who got fans all excited only to not quite hit the heights when it counted is pretty extensive. Take Harry Maguire, for example, expected to do big things when he arrived at Old Trafford. Sure, he may deliver in time, but one of the points I heard frequently was how he would hit the ground running due to him being English and a Premier League player.

Midfielder Fred was another big signing who got Manchester United fans over-excited. Again, he could eventually come good, but when you see him being given plaudits for playing reasonably well in defeat, it suggests things aren’t right.

There’s also Paul Pogba. I don’t think I have to go into details on that one.

Will Bruno Fernandes be a game-changer for United?

I’ve heard great things about Bruno Fernandes. He’s coming to the club at a good age, with a decent amount of experience. Is he a game-changer, though? And if he is, what does that tell us about the current state of United?

Would Fernandes be considered a blockbuster signing for Manchester City? Liverpool? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Why? Well, neither of those clubs were all that interested. Most of the top players in the European game will attract at least one of City or Liverpool’s attention.

Barcelona was seemingly interested in Fernandes, but they’re doing their level best to emulate United in several ways at the moment.

Manchester United have issues that run deeper than the players on the pitch

We’ve seen United fans get ugly recently, and while it certainly cannot be condoned, it does point to a bigger problem than the players.

Signings like Fernandes are never a bad thing, but those United fans who are pinning hopes of a revival on him need a bit of a reality check. He’s an excellent player. It’s going to take more than that to change the fortunes of this once great club though.

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