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Every Man United Supporter Should be Ashamed of the Rabid Woodward Hate

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:32 PM
  • Chants about killing both Ed Woodward and the Glazer family occurred during the Burnley and Tranmere games.
  • A group of United fans attacked Ed Woodward’s home with flares on Tuesday night.
  • A protest is planned for the game against Wolves on Saturday

A video of so-called Manchester United fans throwing flares at the home of executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward  shows a darker side of disgruntled football fans.

We’ve seen the actions of those responsible widely condemned by all, including former England striker Gary Lineker and, perhaps more bizarrely, super-agent Mino Raiola. 

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A group of around 20 people attacked Woodward’s $2.6 million Cheshire mansion on Tuesday night. Luckily, Woodward, his wife, and two children were not at home when the attack took place.

Ed Woodward, Woodward
A Cheshire Police scene of crime vehicle arrives at the home of Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward after it was vandalized. | Source: Reuters/Phil Noble

The club, as expected, took a strong stance on the matter , promising bans for those responsible.

Manchester United Football Club have tonight been made aware of the incident outside the home of one of our employees. We know that the football world will unite behind us as we work with Greater Manchester Police to identify the perpetrators of this unwarranted attack.

What exactly was going through the minds of these animals?

It takes a really dumb person to carry out an attack like this over something as trivial as football. The fact that 20 of them managed to organize themselves sufficiently to carry out the act is incredible in itself.

I firmly believe that football fans have the right to protest. There is supposed to be a protest arranged the weekend game against Wolves, and that’s perfectly fine. If you, as a fan, are unhappy with those who run your club, then let them know. It would help if you did so within the confines of the law. That should be obvious to anyone with half a brain cell.

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But to attack a family home where there could have been children present? That’s not only criminal but also cowardly. It’s fitting that these cretins hid their faces while carrying out their attacks.

It also has to be said that United fans have a precedent for this kind of thuggish nonsense . So-called fans showed up at the homes of former players Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney when they were subject to transfer speculation. This type of behavior simply isn’t on.

Sadly, not all Manchester United fans condemn this attack

Perhaps predictably, not all Manchester United fans condemned the actions of the thugs.

Source: Twitter 
Source: Twitter 

The chants at the Tranmere match  were also despicable, although Tuesday night’s antics have overshadowed them. A few people weren’t just singing the songs about killing Woodward and the Glazers. This was a sizeable crowd.

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the Glazers on the top, put Ed Woodward in the middle and burn the f***ing lot.

Manchester United fans need to grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats. The club will finally sign Bruno Fernandes, thanks to Ed Woodward.