Bitcoin Price Rallies to $4,500 as Ethereum, Litecoin Lead Market Surge

September 6, 2017 5:00 PM UTC

The crypto markets rallied on Wednesday, ignoring the China ICO ban to begin climbing back to last week’s record levels. The bitcoin price led the way with an 8% leap past $4,500, while the ethereum price gained 10% to secure its position above $300. The litecoin price headlined a comprehensive altcoin advance that saw 92 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies experience price increases.

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This rally reversed the trajectory of the market, which had been careening downward for several days. The sell-off that was intensified on Massacre Monday forced the total cryptocurrency market cap down as low as $135 billion during the early hours of September 5. At that point, however, it began to climb. By 10:00 it had reached $145 billion. By that evening it had crossed $150 billion. The rally continued on Wednesday morning, extending as high as $160 billion at 7:30 UTC. This constituted a 24-hour gain of more than $15 billion.

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Bitcoin Price Leaps Back to $4,500

Bitcoin price declines have been rare over the past two months, and many new entrants to the cryptocurrency community just received their first taste. After extending toward just under $5,000 over the weekend, the bitcoin price crashed as low as $4,000 earlier in the week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, however, the bitcoin price stopped its skid and began floating back toward its all-time high. The bitcoin price began the day at $4,222; it made steady progress throughout the day and crossed $4,500 at about 7:00 UTC. At present, the bitcoin price is $4,525–a 24-hour gain of 8%. This rally restored bitcoin’s market cap to $74.9 billion.

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Investors have good reason to remain bullish on bitcoin’s long-term prospects because adoption continues to proceed at a rapid clip. Coinbase, a prominent U.S. bitcoin exchange that allows users to buy bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin using their bank accounts or debit cards, just hit 10 million registered users, which represents a three-week increase of 800,000. Moreover, two FinTech firms are planning to roll out 2,900 two-way bitcoin ATMs in Australia.

Ethereum Price Posts Double-Digit Gain

The PBoC squeeze on initial coin offerings hit the ethereum price hard, causing it to drop well below $300 on Monday. By Wednesday, however, it had begun to recover. After beginning the day at $299, the ethereum price has risen more than 10% to a present value of $326. The ethereum price still has a long way to go to recover to its pre-crash level of $390, but it has begun to take the first steps to get there. Following today’s rally, ethereum’s market cap increased to $30.8 billion.

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Litecoin Price Leads Altcoin Market Advance

The altcoin markets began a welcome recovery on Wednesday, with 92 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies posting price increases. Of those, a large percentage included double-digit gains.

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The bitcoin cash price rose 9% to $562, escaping the downward pressure that had forced BCH/CNY below $500 on several exchanges. The Ripple price followed closely behind, advancing 8% following news that the FinTech firm by the same name had opened an office in India.

The litecoin price posted the best single-day performance of any top 10 coin. The 5th-ranked cryptocurrency rose from $66 to $75, a 24-hour gain of 15%. Litecoin’s market cap is now just a hair under $4 billion.

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The NEM and Dash prices posted identical 10% gains, bringing them to $0.304 and $338, respectively. The IOTA price rose 13%, the second-best gain of any top-tier cryptocurrency. Monero and ethereum classic, meanwhile each rose close to 11%.

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