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#FontGate: Bitcoin Pretender Craig Wright Exposed by Calibri Typeface

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM
Greg Thomson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:37 PM

The comedy of errors surrounding self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright took another turn this week. Documents presented during the ongoing Kleiman trial appear to show that despite Wright’s best efforts to fool the court, he was undone in the end by a simple typeface.

Bitcoin Pretender Goes Back to the Future

Among the exhibits presented  during the hearing on Wednesday, July 3rd, was the document purported to be the original deed of trust between Wright and Kleiman. The document is dated October 2012, and according to Wright’s legal team, is proof of cooperation between Wright, and the now deceased Kleiman.

Wright Kleiman Deed of Trust
Craig Wright claims this document proves he had formed a partnership with Dave Kleiman. | Source: CourtListener

However, a quick glance at the metadata of the document  reveals a very strange 2015 copyright notice related to Calibri – the type font used in Microsoft Word. Of course, Calibri has been in use since 2007, but as updated versions of it are released its copyright consequently gets updated too.

craig wright bitcoin lawsuit
But the document metadata seems to suggest that the document was written after 2015. | Source: CourtListener

So, somehow, Craig Wright managed to produce a document from 2012, which could have been written no earlier than 2015  according to the metadata. This kind of tactic has become a trademark of Wright’s in recent years, and readers are urged to cast an eye over the mountain of evidence exposing Craig Wright’s modus operandi thus far.

The counsel for the plaintiff also presented two versions of the same document – one version from 2011 , and the other from 2014 . Purported to be a message from Kleiman to Wright, an authentic 2011 version would appear to be proof of some cooperation between the two parties.

craig wright lawsuit
Further evidence of document meddling? | Source: CourtListener

If the original is from 2014, then it would simply be further evidence of Craig Wright’s attempts to lead everyone on a merry chase.

Wright Is Digging a Hole… And It’s Getting Bigger

Of course, the very existence of a duplicate document is telling in itself. Assuming the 2011 version is legitimate, we now have to assume that someone with access to Wright’s private emails decided to create a 2014 version just for fun.

The presence of Tulip Trading Ltd on the original trust deed is also highly confusing. According to this document  produced during the hearing, Tulip Trading Ltd wasn’t purchased by Wright until 2014. How then, can it appear on the original deed between Kleiman and Wright from 2012?

craig wright dave kleiman lawsuit
The presence of Tulip Trading Ltd on the original trust deed is also highly confusing. | Source: CourtListener

The Craig Wright saga continues, however by this point, any notion that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto is surely dead in the water. That’s unless Wright does the one thing he’s refused to do so far – produce the original private keys to Satoshi’s Bitcoin fortune. Given that five years have passed with no sign of the private keys, it’s probably best not to hold your breath.

As for #FontGate, this wouldn’t be the first time a would-be fraudster was foiled by a mere typeface. When the Panama Papers were leaked in 2017, the Prime Minister of Pakistan got caught up in a controversy surrounding faked documents – one of which was only discovered thanks to the presence of an as-yet-uninvented Calibri  font.

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