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Why Obama’s Speeches Are Always Perfect & Trump’s Are ‘Divisive’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • Barack Obama’s eulogy for John Lewis drew a chorus of praise from mainstream news journalists.
  • The former president was blatantly electioneering. When Trump does that, the same news sources brand him as “divisive.”
  • Journalists are going to fall victim to a crisis of their own making.

The mainstream media fawned over former President Barack Obama’s eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral Thursday.

NBC News called it “passionate.”  The Washington Post hailed the “rousing” speech.  Vogue said it was “moving.”  Yahoo News branded it “fiery.” 

A second Washington Post article gushed :

Obama reminds us what it’s like to have a president who understands America

The contrast to corporate news coverage of Donald Trump’s speeches could not be more blatant. When President Trump speaks, CNN calls it “divisive.” 

The New York Times agreed that Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech on Independence Day was “divisive.”  ABC News went on the record to label the speech “dark and divisive,” accusing Trump of “stoking racial tensions.” 

Time Magazine’s verdict? You guessed it: divisive. 

One Standard for Obama, Another for Trump

At his eulogy for John Lewis, one could make an equally valid case that Barack Obama stoked division. That he invoked the killing of George Floyd to fan the flames of an emotionally-charged political conflict.

This conflict is being litigated in the streets with riots , looting , arson, smashed windows , and gunfire . Obama criticized the police for using batons and tear gas, but he called the protestors “peaceful demonstrators.” 

That’s only one half of a much more complex picture. In other words, it’s divisive.

Journalists’ pervasive double standard for Obama and Trump is a token of bad faith from the news establishment. It’s anything but honest to report this way.

Both speeches were divisive. That’s what partisan politics is. Obama and Trump are dividing the electorate and rallying their parties against the other.

Politics Is Divisive – Media Coverage of It Shouldn’t Be

donald trump
If you’re going to call Trump’s rhetoric divisive, at least admit the same about Barack Obama’s. | Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Too many mainstream journalists are DNC electioneers masquerading as purveyors of objective facts. These slanted, partisan puff pieces praising Obama are unmistakable artifacts of fake news.

Social media giants like Facebook have purged hundreds of pages for publishing fake news  like this. The Washington Post’s fake news doesn’t seem to matter to Silicon Valley.

Although they had to answer for that anti-conservative bias on Capitol Hill Wednesday,  the solution won’t come from Congress. It has to come from a more discerning public. And from within the news industry itself.

The RAND Corporation’s May 2019 study on “truth decay” concluded U.S. journalism is more subjective and opinionated than ever .

Poll data unequivocally shows journalists are more left-leaning than the general population . And more than half of them live in counties that voted Democrat by 30% or greater margins .

No wonder Obama’s speeches are always perfect, while Trump’s are always dark and divisive! This “analysis” isn’t news; it’s partisan opinion.

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