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Monero Surpasses $150 Mark Following Month-Long Rally — Is There Still Room for XMR to Grow?

Published October 13, 2023 9:55 AM
Nikola Lazic
Published October 13, 2023 9:55 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Monero price increased by 15% during its current uptrend started on August 24.
  • Chart analysis shows another potential upside is likely to occur.
  • Horizontal resistance demonstrates remarkable strength.

Monero’s price dipped from its July 3 peak of $172 to $136 on August 24. Since then, it showed a 15% recovery, climbing to $156 by October 9, and currently hovering at $152.

Considering Monero’s price has been trading in a range since June of the previous year and the fact that it found strong support on August 24, there is a possibility that the current uptrend may transform into a more significant surge, potentially exceeding its July peak and sparking a breakout.

XMR Price Analysis

In May 2021, Monero reached an all-time high of $518, edging past its previous peak from December 2017. However, this summit was short-lived as the price entered a bearish phase, plunging to $100 by June 18 the following year, marking an 80% decline.

In an ascending triangle
In an ascending triangle

In May 2021, Monero reached an all-time high at $518, just slightly surpassing its previous peak in December 2017. However, this zenith marked the beginning of a bearish phase, resulting in a drastic decline to $100 by June 18 the following year, representing an 80% plummet.

During this downturn, the price stabilized at the 0.236 Fibonacci level, derived from its historical all-time high to its nadir of $30 in March 2020. This period of stability gave rise to the formation of an ascending triangle pattern, defined by an upward-sloping support line and a horizontal resistance at approximately $175.

A closer look at the daily chart reveals that the low on August 24 constituted another interaction with the triangle’s support, which triggered a subsequent rebound. The pivotal question now revolves around whether Monero will ultimately break free from the confines of this ascending triangle or if this movement merely signifies a continuation of its sideways trajectory.

XMR Price Prediction

Upon a closer examination of the 4-hour chart and a detailed analysis of the wave structure within the ascending triangle, it becomes clear that this horizontal consolidation is most likely a corrective phase.

Rise to $175 again likely
A return to $175 may happen

This movement aligns with a five-wave corrective pattern, specifically labeled as WXYXZ, which seems to be a consolidation phase following a more pronounced downward trend. These waves can be further deconstructed into smaller ABC patterns, indicating the impending completion of the final ABC sequence for the Z wave.

By projecting the length of wave A onto wave C, we arrive at a target near the triangle’s resistance, approximately at $175. This projection suggests that in the short term, Monero may experience an increase of around 14% from its current position. However, this potential surge may encounter resistance, potentially setting the stage for a potential breach below the triangle’s support.

If such a breach occurs, we might witness a decline that exceeds the June low, possibly reaching a bottom near $80. Conversely, if Monero’s price successfully surpasses the $175 mark, it would invalidate this bearish outlook, indicating a shift towards a more optimistic perspective.


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