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27-Year-Old Ally Brooke Deserves Respect as a Proud Virgin

Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:02 PM
Saim Cheeda
Last Updated October 4, 2020 6:02 PM
  • Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke has a vow of chastity until marriage. There are other celebrities who have made the same vow.
  • The singer’s confession is to empower people to maintain their virtues but has met with undeserved criticism.
  • The music industry has exploited singers’ sex appeal, making Ally Brooke a worthy exception.

Ally Brooke has released her memoir, “Finding Your Harmony,” where she speaks of her rise to fame. The memoir reveals her status as a virgin at the age of 27 , which the singer has reiterated. She’s not the first high-profile celebrity to make such a confession, although her admission is just what the music industry needs.

Ally Brooke Has Overcome Criticism & Humiliation With Grace

In her tell-all interview , Ally Brooke gave a major insight into her early days as a solo singer. She claims a music executive harassed her by trying to make her wear a thong. This was during a private meeting under the guise of helping her branch out from Fifth Harmony.

Ally Brooke could have let rumors do the talking and build interest around her persona. Instead, she’s done the honorable thing and been honest about herself. She’s also chosen to focus on the positive reception to her reveal rather than obsess over the detractors, which many other celebrities have done.

Ally Brooke’s saving herself. | Source: Twitter 

The singer has stated that most people have been respectful of her decision.  Unfortunately, there have still been people who have made fun of her decision. This has generally been due to the disbelief that a celebrity of her stature would remain chaste, highlighting a worrying perception that sexuality defines an artist.

Social media brings useless insults toward stars a lot these days. John Legend was recently blasted for sharing pictures of his newborn child’s untimely demise, rather than receive sympathy for suffering this tragedy.

Ally Brooke Is Accompanied By Other Big-Name Celebrities In This Vow

Ally Brooke has ensured she’s not going to be embroiled in talks about her sexuality through her reveal. Those who think the singer’s decision to respect her chastity is worthy of criticism need to know she’s far from the only one.

There’s a huge list of stars here , including Hilary Duff, Carrie Underwood, and Adriana Lima.  You’ll undoubtedly notice how none of these names come up in controversies surrounding their relationships.

In fact, it’s when bedroom secrets are revealed that celebrity names are in the news for all the wrong reasons. Notably, Jessica Simpson shared how John Mayer was obsessed with sex . She’s gone on record to say his interview, where he called their relations “sexual napalm,” was extremely humiliating.

The Music Industry Relies On Sexual Appeal To A Fault

It’s not really a big deal whether Ally Broke chooses to be a virgin or not. Fans are showing respect toward her for this, as seen in the tweet below.

Fan support for Ally Brooke: Source: Twitter 

Unfortunately, the music industry has become reliant on this aspect of its artists shaping their image. The sad reality is that keeping sexuality a priority is detrimental to a singer’s success. Almost every singer has released an album where they’re nude on the cover.

That’s because sex sells, and it’s an absolute fact. It’s commonplace to see singers write and sing about their relationships in excruciating detail. Why else does Taylor Swift churn out song after song about her boyfriends?

Demi Lovato has flaunted hers very publicly, eventually receiving criticism after a predictable breakup. Miley Cyrus has gone to ridiculous and immature lengths to maintain her relevance through every one of her hook-ups.

Artists will turn toward their intimate details if it continues to garner them results. It’s by respecting singers like Ally Brooke that fans will grow to appreciate music rather than someone’s image. She might have just taken the first step toward changing the system in the industry, and you have to respect that.