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Demi Lovato Proves Why Celebrity Relationships Are a Joke

Last Updated January 7, 2021 10:09 PM
Saim Cheeda
Last Updated January 7, 2021 10:09 PM
  • Demi Lovato has predictably broken up with her short-lived fiance, Max Ehrich.
  • Celebrities brag about their relationships on social media, then make excuses after breaking up.
  • Their relationship issues can’t be taken seriously if they use them for publicity.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have broken up following an announcement that surprised no one. The two have spent the last several months flaunting their relationship, only to peter out after a two-month engagement. This isn’t the first time this has happened to a celebrity couple and it certainly won’t be the last.

Demi Lovato & Max Ehrich’s Relationship Was Cliche Hollywood

Demi Lovato has a long list of exes she’s openly talked about, going so far as to spill very intimate and unneeded details . A woman like this is never going to keep quiet about her latest fling, and Max Ehrich was just another guy.

When 2020 began, Max Ehrich was a no-name soap actor who was nowhere near the spotlight. His relationship with Lovato “broke the internet,” so to speak, mainly because Lovato wouldn’t shut up about it. The media took to this news immediately and churned out one article after another about their growing romance.

Another celebrity breakup| Source: Twitter 

It was obvious the express train of this romance would hit the engagement pitstop soon. Cut to July, and Demi Lovato was once again gushing all over social media about saying yes to Ehrich’s proposal. Smarter people did predict this relationship would never last, though.

Moving over to the present-day, and their supposedly perfect relationship has ended with no actual reason why. None of this will garner sympathy outside of diehard Demi Lovato fans because we’ve seen this formula implemented time and again.

Demi Lovato & Other Celebrities Try To Play The Victim After Breakups

Who can forget Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s fling that rocked the internet? That was another relationship doomed from the start. Grande sure did milk everything out of it, even after the breakup. She cried and wallowed about things expecting to be treated like a victim.

Basically, Grande did everything other than giving a logical answer  over why she and Davidson broke up.  Max Ehrich is in the process of doing the same, going so far as to share a sad song  to let everyone know he’s feeling the blues. That’s a stark contrast to his sappy Instagram post about his everlasting love.


That was a short forever. | Source: Instagram 

It’s hard to feel bad for these celebrities when they insult our intelligence with vague hints. You won’t find them be honest with their fans, but you can sure count on them posting depressive quotes and talking about their breakup as if they’re going through PTSD.

Upon being called out on this, Ariana Grande had lashed out on Instagram in a hypocritical rant that exposed how she wasn’t genuine about her feelings.

Celebrities Use Their Relationships To Publicize Themselves

The history of quickie celebrity engagements  is a long one. Some might have turned okay in the long-run, but a big majority of them are in the rear-view mirror of these celebrities’ lives. It takes little time for the engagements to fizzle out. People have caught on to this, and Lovato’s situation is experiencing mockery online.

Not a lot of sympathy for Lovato. | Source: Twitter 

This wouldn’t be an issue if it didn’t develop into a marketing ploy. The fallout from these breakups is present in everything from songs to reality TV. Miley Cyrus is famous for acting out in crazy ways right after a breakup and masking it as a reinvention of her image.

You can’t fault the public for lacking in their sympathies when so many relationships have dominated the news in exactly the same fashion. If people like Demi Lovato want to avoid feeling victimized, then they should stop plastering every second of their love lives on social media.

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