A Full-Length Christopher Nolan Film on Fortnite? We’re Not That Bored

Fortnite has moved on from virtual concerts to virtual cinema, but you have to wonder why they're even bothering with this one.
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May 22, 2020 6:44 PM UTC
  • Fortnite recently featured a new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet.
  • There are plans to screen a full-length movie in the game.
  • This is the most pointless PR stunt that the game has pulled yet.

Fortnite has been going crossover mode lately. There was that hugely successful Travis Scott performance. Now they’re showing an entire Christopher Nolan movie for free in-game.

Apart from being slightly mental, this shows the power of  Fortnite. The only question is, why are they doing this? A 10-minute concert is one thing. But, is anyone going to sit and watch a full-length movie in Fortnite?

While showing the trailer for Tenet made sense, showing a full movie is just totally baffling. | Source: IMDB

Why Would Anyone Want to Watch a Full Movie in Fortnite?

This feels like a dumb question. It’s a video game, an interactive medium. Will players just park their characters on the grass, point their camera at the screen, and watch? Why?

In the Travis Scott event, Fortnite contributed something. It was a fully interactive experience, complete with crazy effects that wouldn’t be possible in the real world.

Presumably, the Nolan movie will just be a giant floating screen somewhere in-game. Why would that be preferable to just watching the damn movie?

It’s Just an Advertising Campaign for Christopher Nolan

The original announcement happened after a Christopher Nolan trailer was shown in Fortnite. It was an easy way to boost viewership with a short trailer presentation.

The difference between that and a full movie is that people only had to come along and watch for a few minutes. I don’t see how Christopher Nolan thinks that screening of one of his previous movies in a video game will do him any good.

And how is this going to help Fortnite? It’s not like people are going to start playing just to get a free Christopher Nolan movie. If they cared enough to install the game, they’d probably just buy or already own the movie.

This seems like a completely pointless PR stunt. For the world to make any sense to me at all this thing needs to completely flop.

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