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$1,900 Death Stranding Jacket Is the Best Way to Blow Your Stimulus Check

This $1,900 Death Stranding jacket from Kojima and ACRONYM is the perfect way to blow your stimulus check - except it's already sold out.

  • Developer Kojima Productions and label ACRONYM have teamed up to produce a Death Stranding-themed jacket.
  • The J1A-GTKP jacket is priced at $1,900.
  • It went on sale yesterday and sold out almost instantly.

The product of a joint venture between developer Kojima Productions and fashion label ACRONYM, a Death Stranding-themed jacket went on sale yesterday for the princely sum of $1,900.

Even more shocking than the eye-watering price tag, the J1A-GTKP jacket has already sold out.

That’s one way to spend your family’s stimulus check. | Source: ACRONYM

The official product blurb reads:

Official BRIDGES variant of J1A-GT Gen 2.2 to commemorate the release of DEATH STRANDING.† Developed in close collaboration with Hideo Kojima and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. Conceived and art directed by Yoji Shinkawa.

The collaboration came about because ACRONYM co-founder Errolson Hugh is buddies with Hideo Kojima. ACRONYM helped design the base layer worn by the game’s protagonist. And Hugh even had a cameo in Death Stranding as UCA medic Alex Weatherstone.

Death Stranding x ACRONYM

Instead of a completely new design, the new jacket is ACRONYM’s flagship J1A-GT retooled with some Death Stranding color thrown in.

This isn’t even a completely new design. | Source: ACRONYM

The jacket features 3L GORE-TEX PRO next-gen technology, storm hood, nine pockets, Bridges logos, and nods to Death Stranding throughout.

For example, markings note that the jacket features timefall-proof technology, referencing the acid-like phenomenon that heralds the imminent arrival of Beached Things in-game.

There’s even a yellow pouch adorning the front to replicate Sam Bridges’ now-infamous chest-strapped Bridge Baby – presumably to catch dribbles of vomit produced by pangs of buyer’s remorse.

This yellow pouch catch is the perfect receptacle for the dribbles of vomit produced by pangs of buyer’s remorse.| Source: ACRONYM

Near-$2,000 Price Tag Doesn’t Scare Off Rich Fanboys

The jacket doesn’t look half-bad and seems like it would serve Sam well during his thankless trudge across a disjointed America. Whether it warrants the near $2,000 price tag is something else entirely, but, regardless, the J1A-GTKP sold out within minutes.

While Death Stranding certainly has its fair share of die-hard fans, the ACRONYM name played a far more significant role in how quickly the outerwear sold.

ACRONYM has its own voracious horde of enthusiasts more than happy to fork out thousands to snap up the latest branded apparel from the techwear company.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:50 PM

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