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‘YouTube for virtual reality’ Vizor Launches Bitcoin Crowdsale

Giulio Prisco
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
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VizorWhen Wendell Davis started building Vizor.io  three years ago it was merely a tool for creating high-end web graphics. Then, three months ago on a trip to Helsinki with friends, he got his hands on an Oculus Rift headset for the first time. He had an epiphany, Upstart Business Journal reports .

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Vizor, “YouTube for virtual reality,” isn’t just a place for viewing augmented reality videos in a Chrome or Mozilla browser; it’s a place to create those videos. More than that even, click “Remix” on an existing video and tweak it to your own specifications.

Cryptocurrency and Virtual Reality – Two Technologies that Represent the Future of Computing, and Make Perfect Sense When Combined

Vizor.io hosts the videos while create.vizor.io is an editor for creating your own virtual reality worlds – an integrated authoring toolset that makes it simple for anyone to create and share a virtual reality experience directly in their browser without expensive hardware or specialist technicians. Both are up and operating, but Wendell says he’s aiming to raise at least $500,000 to finish the project. To raise the money, Wendell launched his own virtual currency, VIZR, that be used to purchase code and assets to create virtual reality worlds (like the Second Life Marketplace, sort of). Wendell says:

“We are creating an entire crypto-economy around virtual reality. The Vizor team is looking to drive mainstream adoption for cryptocurrency and virtual reality – two technologies that represent the future of computing, and make perfect sense when combined.”

The VIZR private crowdsale will run on Koinify, Crypto Articles reports. Vizor has also announced plans to bring digital asset exchange Melotic on-board and the company will be the first to offer the VIZR token for trade. The funds raised from the crowdsale will support the development of Vizor’s powerful Web VR technology. Anyone will be able to easily purchase VIZR tokens on Koinify with Bitcoin.

Koinify is a crypto funding platform focused on fueling the crypto economy, in particular decentralized applications (DApps) and autonomous corporations (DACs). Koinify Founder and CEO, Tom Ding, says:

“We’re excited to help Wendell and his excellent team, along with early adopters, to power the future of immersive content creation.”

Wendell Davis says:

“We’ve now made it easy for any user to create and host their own virtual reality experiences in a familiar, YouTube-style content portal. Our VIZR token is fundamental to the core experience of Vizor. It enables developers to purchase premium building blocks (3D meshes, textures, code, etc) for their projects, while at the same time providing a medium of exchange in the VR world itself. The crowdsale helps us build an active and enthusiastic community that will be viewing, sharing, liking and commenting on these creative, immersive experiences. VIZR token can be traded for anything from virtual furniture in an apartment tour to a film onscreen at a virtual movie theater – the possibilities are endless, and no coding knowledge is required. The VIZR token can also be used to tip content creators, and purchase advertising and other premium features in the Vizor ecosystem. [sic]”

Images from Vizor and Shutterstock.