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Xbox’s Batman Masterplan Signals a Real PlayStation 5 Threat

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:03 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:03 PM
  • Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment was put up for sale in mid-June.
  • Microsoft has reportedly shown some interest in purchasing the company.
  • If Xbox gets their hands on all of those IPs, it could be a big benefit in the console war.

Batman is up for sale, along with the rest of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment (WBIE). Back when the sale started in mid-June, it was Activision, 2K, and EA, who were potential buyers. Now Microsoft and the Xbox Series X are stepping up.

In its original report, reputable outlet The Information cited two sources to reveal Microsoft’s interest , adding:

Any deal for the Warner game unit is likely to involve a licensing deal for the intellectual property that undergirds its most popular franchises

Soon, Batman and all of his friends could become exclusives for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft might be working towards closing that exclusives gap that’s been hounding them this past generation.

Will the Xbox Seris X and Batman be able to stand up to the PS5 and Spider-Man?

Xbox Series X - Xbox Game Studios
Imagine how much of a recognizable presence someone like Batman would be amongst those other games advertising Xbox Game Studios. | Source: Xbox Game Studios 

Microsoft Buying WB Interactive Entertainment Would Be a Great Move

It’s no secret that Microsoft seemingly lacks in the strong IP department. Though they’ve been making moves to fix that with Xbox Game Studios acquisitions , they still have a lot of catching up to do in time for the Xbox Series X.

Considering the number of IPs that would presumably come with the WBIE deal, it just makes sense for Microsoft to go after the purchase. Owning everything from Batman to the Lego games, even Harry Potter, would be a huge deal for the Xbox brand.

Then again, they might not think it’s worth the effort. If they make titles like Batman and the Lego series Xbox Series X exclusive, it won’t go down to well. This is especially true when you consider the Lego games’ cross-platform, family-friendly appeal.

Microsoft has said in the past that exclusivity has to make sense for their first-party games , so who knows what would happen. As of right now, the sale isn’t imminent.

An excerpt from the report added:

The people cautioned that no deal is imminent. Investment bank LionTree is helping AT&T field possible suitors for the group, the people said.

Cue the Batman vs Spider-Man Memes

Spider-Man was immensely popular for PlayStation. It sold 3.3 million copies within the first three days  of its launch. It’s fair to say that Batman is at least as popular as Spider-Man. If the Xbox Series X managed to secure the caped crusader, they might just give Spidey a run for his money.

It’s all still speculation right now. We don’t know for sure that Microsoft will be buying WBIE, they’re just interested. But, they do have big pockets and a thirst to claim back their market share with the Xbox Seris X.

Microsoft is probably looking for every advantage against the PS5 they can pull together. Fixing their exclusivity issue is the first step towards winning that particular fight. Especially since the deal will almost certainly include a lot of IPs.

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