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Xbox Lands PlayStation Punch by Poaching Senior God of War Designer

A God of War combat designer joins Xbox development team inXile Entertainment to make a game that 'everyone' will love.

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Jasmine Henry
March 5, 2020 8:05 AM
  • Dean Rymer, a senior combat designer on PS4 exclusive God of War, has joined Microsoft owned developer inXile development.
  • Rymer isn’t the first former God of War developer to join an Xbox development team.
  • Xbox is heavily ramping up its fight against PlayStation as it gets closer to the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch.

On Twitter, God of War senior combat designer Dean Rymer confirmed that he had celebrated his first day as the new lead combat designer of inXile Entertainment. InXile Entertainment has been owned by Microsoft since November 2018.

Rymer said that he can’t reveal what he is working on at inXile, however, “everyone will love it.” InXile’s next game is the dark RPG Wasteland 3, but this tweet confirms that Rymer is working on the developer’s next project.

Dean Rymer inXile Entertainment tweet
Source: Twitter

Rymer isn’t the first God of War developer to have moved to a Microsoft owned development team. Microsoft has also hired several former God of War developers for The Initiative, the secretive development team making games in Santa Monica, CA. God of War developer Sony Santa Monica is based nearby which has made it an easy move for developers like Rymer.

God of War is thought of as one of the best PS4 exclusives and one of the biggest reasons to buy the console. There is incredible talent at Sony Santa Monica and it’s no surprise why Microsoft wants to hire so many people who have worked there.

However, this isn’t just about hiring great talent. Microsoft is putting much more resources into staffing up its internal development teams so that it can offer more games for services like Xbox Game Pass.

It also needs many more exclusive games for the Xbox Series X. Microsoft was heavily criticized for not having many exclusive games for the Xbox One and it will be hoping to not to get flamed by fans again with its next console.