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WORBLI Merges Traditional Banking With Blockchain as it Announces Commencement of Token Airdrop

Last Updated April 10, 2023 6:29 AM
Last Updated April 10, 2023 6:29 AM

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Hailed as the next revolution, blockchain certainly has its merits. The technology is extremely adaptable, efficient, secure and low cost. However, when it comes to banking and financial sector, it is facing the toughest resistance by regulatory bodies around the world.

WORBLI’s Solutions

Structured to be extremely efficient, the way many decentralized platforms and tokens offer monetary and financial services also lock horns with compliance, taxation and money laundering regulations. WORBLI is a decentralized platform  that complies, rather than fight regulation.

WORBLI’s developers overcome the legal barriers by not circumnavigating them, but complying with them. The platform offers financial services that are based on traditional services, whilst running blockchain at its core . By offering traditional financial services on blockchain, the platform essentially acts to “reduce friction, provide exponential scale and reach, develop and innovate products only possible as a result of blockchain technology.

The WORBLI operations team is led by their COO, Craig Kellogg. Kellogg has more than 2 decades of experience in the banking and financial industry. Leading different strategic teams for US Bank, GE Capital, and Wells Fargo, he brings a wealth of traditional banking experience to the platform. WORBLI, by developing a team of not only blockchain experts, buy regular finance and banking professionals, creates a platform that offers the best of both worlds, with services like:

  • Complete KYC and AML for Enterprise Accounts.
  • Merchant Processing Services.
  • Reversible Transactions.
  • Insurance.

The platform already has two services dApps ready to be deployed Gamma Bank is an application that acts very much like a traditional bank, giving services such as dual crypto and fiat accounts, debit cards, trading, and other options. Surepeer is their second dApp. It is a decentralized, peer to peer insurance market that allows users to give and take insurances on a range of coverages.

WORBLI ShareDrop

Unlike conventional AirDrops, WORBLI is initiating a ShareDrop. Instead of giving away tokens to people for performing certain tasks, users can acquire the WBI tokens by signing up and creating a WORBLI account. For users to qualify for tokens, they must have held EOS tokens on, or before 7th of September. Qualified users will be sent WBI directly to their WORBLI accounts. A total of 1,000,000,000 WBI tokens will be available for the ShareDrop. The ShareDrop amount accounts for a significant portion (40%) of the total supply of WBI tokens (2,500,000,000).

A not for profit organization, WORBLI works on a forked EOS chain , giving individuals, SMEs and large organization the option to have a complete financial service provider that is fully compliant. Individuals get access to basic banking services on the blockchain, while institutional and organizational users can be free from the worries of a financial service for their platform and concentrate on their core products.

For more information on the compliant financial services platform, visit their website: https://worbli.io/ 

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