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Will Non Professional Traders Kill the Market?

Last Updated April 28, 2023 3:35 AM
Guest Writer
Last Updated April 28, 2023 3:35 AM

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As we all saw, at the end of 2017 the ever controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin suddenly increased 12x over what many experts predicted and then managed to exceed even the $20 000 landmark but then, at the beginning of 2018, it all suddenly started to wabble and the Bitcoin fell flat on its face. Ouch! What has caused this fall and what do experts have to say about that?

Some reasons…

There are many reasons which can be the basis for a rate decrease. Just to name a few, there are transaction fees, infrastructure, block capacity that all belong to internal factors. European Union offer of cryptocurrency regulation, BTC holders’ personal data collection and processing belong to external factors. They say that the unnaturally high price of Bitcoin makes this cryptocurrency extremely risky and so people began to actively invest in alternative digital currencies. One more obvious reason, just to name a few, for the decrease of this cryptocurrency is how unprofessional traders (hamsters) influenced the cryptocurrency market. Since mid-January Bitcoin was falling rapidly due to all the different negative news and rumors that surrounded the currency, so of course, people started to panic and started to sell Altcoins after Bitcoin. All of this stems from the inexperienced impulsiveness and the ignorance of trader-beginners. Then, once the domino effect starts to take effect, the professionals start to sell cryptocurrencies due to all of the hype and the chaos that we all find ourselves in. The question that now arises is – what do we all have in common?

But the main problem is…humsters

Where do we find ourselves now? Point blank, newbies don’t have enough knowledge and analysis expertise of trading history and professionals lack restraint, patience, and time for regular monitoring the market and news. Emil Oldenburg has also thrown gas to the fire, when he sold all of his coins, saying that this crypto doesn’t have prospect anymore. Oldenburg is sure that people will start, slowly but surely, to get rid of it as soon as they get privy to the working principle of the system. One Singapore financial regulator made the same statement where he states that cryptocurrencies are illegal means of payment which are not based on any assets. Furthermore, according to the official statement of Japan’s finance minister, Bitcoin is a very unstable and an unreliable currency compared to the standards that today’s currencies must follow. However, the good news is that this sudden BTC fall doesn’t necessarily mean its ultimate collapse. Analysts warn us not to buy cheap currency because their rates can fall again. Did Bitcoin fall for a long time and what should investors wait for? The naysayers are saying that the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst. Others, on the other hand, think that this phenomenon is temporary and that this too shall pass. Analysts say that the price increases and decreases are perfectly okay in the cryptomarket world and this too applies to the asset market. But there is one thing that we know for sure – the market is in a sudden decline and people are panicking. Think about whether this is worth it because there is always a way out. Always.

Positive moments in the current situation

The flow of blockchain startups has a favorable influence on the market in general. Nowadays, on the cryptocurrency market, there are new innovative projects like FTEC . What are their advantages and how they can influence the current situation?


Well, FTEC  can help novices to train and learn how to correctly analyze trader’s behavioral factors.

Automatic trading modules of the system include all necessary indicators of technical and fundamental analysis, which trade and carry out arbitrage between exchanges on people’s exchange accounts.

It is a strong neural network which analyzes activity on popular social networks and Google regarding one currency or another. FTEC  helps to be first to know about important crypto news which influences the currency increase. With the help of projects like FTEC , market volatility can significantly be reduced.