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Virgo Plant Factory Ltd Launches an Innovative Blockchain-based Agriculture Ecosystem

Last Updated April 21, 2023 3:14 AM
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Last Updated April 21, 2023 3:14 AM
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Company Virgo Plant Factory Ltd , launched in 2019 in Ontario, is working on a new revolutionary project named Virgo. The plan is to transform agriculture and farming practices thanks to Blockchain. This advanced technology is the key element that will help push this sector further, run by a team of high tech professionals that specialize in growing and planting, big data automation, computer software and hardware, clean energies, engineering soils and more.

The ever-rising problem of high demand for food in the Asian regions requires some prompt action that relies on innovation and technology to completely change the way food is produced. The Virgo Project is the one to offer this solution, by combining the expertise of a team from a leading company in North America to provide an alternative to the current problems in agriculture.

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The way Blockchain is able to disrupt this, is by bringing full anonymity to the agriculture supply chain, while also offering minimal processing times, minimal fees, fraud prevention and more. Every information and transaction will be recorded on the blockchain, driven by smart contracts that can be accessed on a stable and open-source platform, known as the Virgo Products Assurance (VPA).

This ecosystem includes a variety of sectors, such as planting, pest control, picking, refrigeration, packaging, extraction and transportation of nitrogen refrigeration. The Virgo chain’s job is to create a whole new standard that simplifies tracking faulty and unsafe products back to their source, so as to ensure the quality and safety of all products. This way, consumers can view the entire history of what they are about to buy and make better-informed decisions. The transparency provided by this chain assures that consumers can support the brands that best match their personal ethics and avoid favoring those who offer products of low quality and that might represent a risk to their health.

The Virgo chain will also encourage the tokenization of the agriculture and farming sector, with the tokens issued on the Ethereum network and consequently being freely traded on the market. These tokens will then be adopted across this industry with benefits offered to those who use them.

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Farmers and other workers in the agriculture sectors will also benefit from this project, as a Blockchain-enabled transaction system increases the profitability of their products while processing payments in real-time to all employees, suppliers and more, straight to their bank accounts. Additionally, by changing the traditional system that penalizes small-scale cooperatives and farmers, the Virgo chain can provide more access to capital to these figures who would otherwise struggle to get a loan to support their work. Investment tokens can be created and used for this, alongside allowing to help raise funds, including providing insurance to rural farmers. The eventual goal is to provide environmental and economic sustainability to even the smaller farms.

Revolutionary approaches that are going to be used to re-shape the agriculture and farming sectors include IoT based plant factories, net-zero and energy-efficient farming technologies, food processing engineering and more. The Virgo plant factory will be the first greenhouse to take agriculture to all new heights, by combining cutting edge technologies with farming, to eventually improve human life.

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The team behind this project is made up of expert scientists, engineers and analysts that focus on research, design, engineering, management and manufacturing of clean energy and environment protection businesses. Virgo Plant Factory Ltd has reached the forefront of the world in developing innovative solutions to smog, water treatment, organic waste and the creation of solar farms, smart devices for agriculture, plant factories, future house and economically featured townships.

Visit https://virgoplant.com/  for more information, or join us on Telegram https://t.me/virgoplant 

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