August 18, 2015 1:07 PM UTC

Venture Capitalist P. Bart Stephens Wants Bitcoiners To Solve Spam

P. Bart Stephens // Linkedin

Bitcoiners are ready to change the world. Anybody who has met one of the Bitcoin prophets has heard the spiel about how the legacy banking system is no good and it is time to revolutionize the system. P. Bart Stephens, managing partner of Blockchain Capital, has a more modest revolution in mind – getting rid of the spam in his e-mail’s inbox.

People with public facing email addresses know it all too well. A litany of spam e-mails can bombard an inbox, from penis enlargement, breast enlargement, money left for you in foreign banks, FBI, Treasury Department spam e-mails, and on and on. (Here is a list of scams published by the FBI.)

“I am looking for the answer to that problem,” P. Bart Stephens told the Coin Congress 2015 crowd at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Stephens sat on the panel, “Is Venture Capitalism Undergoing Industry-Wide Disruption?” Steve Waterhouse, Pantera Capital Partner, and Ni’coel Stark, Block26, joined him on stage. Waterhouse and Stephens agreed how to eliminate spam: make people pay for e-mail delivery.

“You pay with a little bit of dust for delivery,” said Steve Waterhouse of Pantera Capital, who also sat on the panel. Dust refers to tiny amounts of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. A member in the crowd suggested Bitmessage as a solution. Bitmessage represents a P2P communications protocols to send encrypted messages to people or subscribers.

Sometimes those things are out there, you just have to try and commercialize them – offered Waterhouse.

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